June 6, 2011

The Gisele Bundchen Workout

The Gisele Bundchen Workout

Pregnant women are clamoring for Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s post-baby workout routine. It’s nothing short of mind-boggling how quickly she bounces back from her baby weight. She says she only gained 30 pounds with her last pregnancy, which helped, but in general, she doesn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to “turn into a garbage disposal.”

She wonders, “How can you take care of your family if you’re not healthy?”

Gisele confesses she was “doing kung fu” up to two weeks prior to baby Benjamin’s birth. Before you start imagining this beauty and her baby bump chopping through blocks of wood with her bare hands and flying through the air with a loud “Heee-yah,” we should clarify precisely what she means by “kung fu.”

To get a great Gisele Bundchen style derrière, trainer Leandro Carvalho recommends “The Brazilian Butt Lift,” a fun blend of ballet and martial arts that are aimed at reducing hips while shaping the butt region. The moves of this five-minute exercise include: Plie Squats, Touchdowns, Explosive Lunges, Single Leg Squats and Kick-Back Squats.

Gisele also maintained three days of yoga per week throughout her pregnancy. One hour of morning yoga is ideal for preventing injury of taxed muscles, while keeping arms, legs and glutes completely toned. Yoga instructors are quick to remind us that this slow, gentle, stretching workout is also a great way to battle fatigue associated with pregnancy. In case you were wondering, Anusara Yoga is Gisele’s favorite.

Gisele is also a huge fan of water sports, rumor has it. The Brazilian Body Surf pool workout is a popular water resistance training technique used by many of the Victoria Secret girls. Using noodles, gloves and Aqua-fins, this water-based cardio workout promises great toning and definition for your legs.

For more leg definition, you can try the following Gisele Bundchen Pilates moves, with 3 sets of 15 reps each: Pilates Kneeling Rear Leg Raises, Side Plank Leg Raises, Sumo Squats, Pilates Teasers and Lunge / Rear Leg Raise Combos. Complete this leg definition workout at least three times a week.

To have a body like Gisele, you will need to subscribe to the fact you’ll be working out, one way or another, 7 days a week. What we can learn from Gisele’s unique workout is that you need to do what you love in order to be successful.

As you can tell from her routine, she has a blast doing athletic activities like martial arts and water aerobics, combined with light strength training and defining yoga stretches. It sounds like a pretty well-rounded routine, wouldn’t you say?


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June 14, 2011

Annie@ Dentists West Hollywood @ 12:53 pm

Her body was amazing before she gave birth, and still amazing after. Thank you for her secrets! Do you know any places in the LA area that offer the “Brazilian Butt Lift”?

July 16, 2011

Valentina @ 10:14 am

I personally don’t, but on beachbody, they have a Brazilian butt workout and you can find a couple of free Brazilian butt workouts on youtube.