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April 27, 2012

Rancho Cucamonga Personal Trainer

Rancho Cucamonga Personal Trainer

Rancho Cucamonga Personal TrainerPeople with intentions of having an attractive, leaned and fit body, having a Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer can simply the answer for them. With the ever changing living styles that have affected peoples’ lives, taking exercises and body fitness programs has become a priority among people’s lives. Actually, starting body fitness programs on your own may be a bit challenging which explains why having  personal trainer at your corner during training sessions may be such a nice idea and the best decision you can make as far as achieving body fitness and wellness is concerned. The best thing about investing in a qualified and certified fitness trainer is that you not only save on your hard earned money but you as well use less effort and save much of your precious time during training. This is simply what  personal trainer can do for you as they help you start your body fitness journey at a high note and see you sail successfully to completion. Having a skilled  personal trainer makes the whole idea of body fitness such an enjoyable and great moment of your life. The whole business personal trainer is allowing you to have fun as you become fit at the same time.

The major reason for securing the services of personal trainer during your gym sessions is that the trainer will help you achieve your set goals as well as showing you the right fitness programs you meet your body fitness needs easily with less challenges at all. With a personal trainer, you simply don’t have to work out your self fruitlessly at the gym due to lack of the correct guidance from a professional instructor. personal trainer will promptly and grandly answer all your fitness questions thus you simply don’t have to start your training with doubts and some unclear issues. Having a qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer helps you in coming up with an excellent diet plan that you are comfortable with as well as helping you achieve your fitness goals easily. Within a short span of time, you are able to see the benefits of personal trainer in your training.

Most people who opt for body fitness and exercise programs have a real challenge of changing their eating habits and living style which might stand in their way of achieving body fitness. With a personal trainer you get all the motivation and help you need and making such changes in your life becomes so easy. The trainer offers you the encouragement you so much need in such stressful moments of your life and help you focus fully on your programs by keeping you thinking positively. A personal trainer is able to offer you the challenge you need so that you can easily achieve your goals and helps you avoid the many motions you might undergo in your life when taking out the gym programs all on your own. The trainers act as watchful eyes over you and you have no time for slacking off. Since personal trainer is equated just like a mentor in your training sessions, the personal instructor is determined in helping you succeed and easily achieve you body wellness dreams. With a personal trainer, to start developing self confidence which can go a long way in helping you attain wellness. This is because they make the whole training easier and you are able to handle the gym machines at ease as well as making the gym routines enjoyable. Since you are able to see a change in your life very fast, you gain self confidence and believe in yourself which is very much needed to succeed in this fitness programs.  personal trainer is always there to offer you the self-empowerment you need and be your all time companion in helping you tackle that huge task in your life.

Actually, having a  personal trainer at the beginning of your training sessions is very fundamental as you are able to have a good momentum right from the start and help you avoid wasting time by being misguided on where you should start and what to do. Most people oversee the great benefits offered by a Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer and decide to take the programs on their own which is only a source of discouragements and goals that may never be achieved. It would even be better that you start with a personal trainer and slowly take it on your own when you start achieving confidence and ability to take the programs on your own. Although people tend to think that putting up a diet and training routine is so simple and easy, it can be really demanding than it looks at a first instance. In fact some gym exercises appear very cheap and easy but it’s not until you start taking the programs on your own that you realize that a personal trainer is very crucial at helping you see things at a different angle. In fact, doing gym programs is not a big deal as anybody can do them. However, the basic question is whether you are doing them right or not. This is what a personal trainer is at ensuring.

Training in weight programs requires trainees to know their limits and the amounts of weight you can comfortably work with to achieve the best results. Also, you should be able to tell when to decrease or increase your working weight and the only way you can achieve this is by having a personal trainer by your side. Since they are highly experienced, you can solely let them manage the gym programs for you. A personal trainer is also aware of the best gym techniques and the proper form needed in a gym till the training becomes your best friend. A Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer is all about succeeding in your fitness programs with no room for failure.
Rancho Cucamonga Personal Trainer

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April 1, 2012

Access to a Professional Rancho Cucamonga Personal Trainer

There are two major ways in which you can gain access to a professional Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer. We will be looking at the said two ways in which you, as a Rancho Cucamonga resident interested in personal fitness training, can get access to a personal trainer. We will be trying to explore the pros and cons to each of these options that are open to you as a person seeking to access a personal trainer.

Now the first way in which you can gain access to a professional Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer is by joining one of the local personal fitness training centers. These personal fitness training centers usually have professional personal trainers employed on full-time or part-time basis. It is expected, as a matter of commonsense, that the people who will be coming to the centers for personal fitness training will be in need of guidance. So the personal trainers are engaged for that purpose.

One advantage you get, if you opt to gain access to a professional personal trainer by joining a personal fitness training center is what we may term as the ‘cost advantage.’ Because the personal fitness trainers in these centers work with many clients at any given time, their (salary) costs are shared out between many people. Subsequently, each clients end up only having to pay a small sum of money towards the same. It is a very interesting scenario where, having opted to take this route, you may end up getting access to a professional personal fitness trainer for a hundred dollars per month or even less. Furthermore, because the training sessions in this case are carried out in a communal setting, you get to see how your fellow students act on instructions – and that optimizes the training process. You may also end up making some good friends in these personal fitness training centers. These are the sorts of places where friendships are hatched.

Of course, if you sign up for training in one of these centers, you will be essentially signing up for personal fitness training in a ‘communal’ setting. If you are a person who values privacy very much, you may not get it here. Furthermore, for the sake of the trainers and fellow students’ convenience, you won’t have a chance to go for training whenever you want. You will have to go for training at stipulated times (and that can inconvenience you at times).

The second way in which you can gain access to a professional Rancho Cucamonga personal trainer is by getting into an arrangement where the trainer visits you at home for personal training sessions. This works best if you have a home gym. For you to be in a position to take this option, you need to be well-heeled, financially. Remember, in this case, you will be footing the personal trainer’s payment alone (you won’t have others to share the cost with). But on the upside, this approach will ensure that you get truly personalized personal fitness training. It also ensures your privacy. Furthermore, in this case, you can synchronize the personal training with your schedule, so that it doesn’t end up inconveniencing you.

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July 5, 2011

Overtraining – Your Body’s Way of Saying “Screw You”

Overtraining – Your Body’s Way of Saying “Screw You”



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February 15, 2010

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Hello there one of my most special clients and his dad recently wrote me a letter that I would like to share with you.

I have added links and photos to his letter with his permission,  but that is about it.

Check it out and support our community…………as it encompasses so many variety of people with various intellectual challenges.


I am Area Director of Pomona Valley Special Olympics which covers the cities of Diamond Bar, San Dimas, Walnut, Pomona, Claremont, Glendora and La Verne.
We provide free year round sports activities for our athletes with intellectual disabilities.


Michael is a Pomona Valley athlete and has been training at Fitness Concepts since your first 6 week class in November last year.


The transformation is incredible.

He has gone from 187 to 158 lbs and we thank you, Randy and all those trainers and clients who have been very supportive of Michael for this great improvement.


Special Olympics is holding a Polar Plunge at Bonelli Regional Park on February 27th to raise funds for our 2010 program.

Funds can be raised in several ways.
Donate direct to a plunger already registered. (Michael Evans)
Register as a plunger and collect donations
General donation
Form a team and collect donations from team supporters and friends.

This is a fun event.   Check it out!

There you can see photos from past “Plunges” and information about the event and Donate section on the left hand side.

Connect to “support a plunger” and type Michael Evans in the box.


Michael has received good support to date.

To see the improvements in athletes when they are coached, given positive support and encouragement is very rewarding
To see their faces when they compete and place is very rewarding to me and my coaches.
Just like watching the progress with the clients in your exercise programs as they achieve their goals.


It too must be very rewarding to you and your staff.

So any support you, your trainers and clients can provide to the Polar Plunge will enable us to continue our program and provide physical activities and programs for those athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Thank you very much for your guidance and support of Michael in his exercise program.

We are very proud of what he has achieved.

Thank you
Russell Evans

Russell Evans

Area Director

Pomona Valley Special Olympics

909 319 7693
Join us Saturday, February 27, 2010 at Bonelli Park for our annual Polar Plunge.
For more information, visit

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