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Making Better Choices at Taco Bell

September 1, 2009

Making Better Choices at Taco Bell


So even if the name wasn’t  on the title what is the first thing that pops into mind when u see this “cute” thang staring attya??




In fact not only is that phrase in my mind and the whole world got a tiny Spanish lesson my head is bobbing right now, LOL just thinking of that doodle bopper head bobbing thing…that we would always see either on someone’s dash or back of car….I know you bobbing your head it is almost like the Saturday night live guys with their song…..Anyways I am SO excited to bring you another fun and exciting mini series on Eating Healthy while driving thru!!

Click above to go to Taco Bell Nutritional Page…..

Taco Bell is kicking but with all there various information.

Visit our website!!

Click on Image above for nutritional facts….

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