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Lauro Arroyo Testimonial

January 15, 2010

Lauro Arroyo Testimonial



From: Laura Arroyo

Month end report It will be one month on Monday the 14th since joining Fitness Concepts, and Id like to share with you my experience thus far.

I am very pleased with my trainer Steve, from the beginning he attentively listened to my concerns and purpose of joining.

In addition Steve sends me text message’s to remind me of healthy eating choices and extra motivation.

It’s nice to receive these on your off days too.

My trainer has made it very accessible to reach him and I really appreciate it.

For example, I was grocery shopping on my non workout day and had a question.

I text my trainer Steve and sure enough he answered my question in a timely manner and helped me make a more nutritional, healthy choice.

I have actively worked out prior to joining, and was at my plateau.

I would spend two hours at the gym, bored of my same routine.

What’s worse no new results.

My time training here at Fitness Concepts with Steve, (30 days) I have felt amazingly energized,light on my feet and the passion to workout has returned.

My body feels like changes are happening, Ive lost 4 lbs and feel awesome!

Just the other day my mom said wow, your arms look like back when you were in high school!

Oh and your butt is not so saggy anymore. LOL!

Leave it to family to tell it to you like it is.

Oh and high school for me is over 17 years ago so you can imagine how thrilled I was.

I am excited to see my month end results and measurements.

In this busy day of life I am especially thankful for, Dr. Saman Bakhtiar alternative ways of keeping the lines of communication open.

The blog’s, live ask Dr. Sam, and the email’s of support and tips, it really has helped me with my eating plans and road to obtaining my healthy lifestyle.

Wow, and this is only the beginning.

Until then I will continue to train hard, eat right and put into action everything I am learning as a client of Fitness Concepts.


Laura Arroyo

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