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September 30, 2010

Where Are Your Priorities?

Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years I thought that I have heard and seen it all. Especially when it came to excuses.

Like when a client called on September 12th, 2001 and left a voicemail “Due to the tragic events happening to our country I will no longer be able continue my training.”


Just to be fair I thought something had happened to her family but that wasn’t the case.

I rememeber when I first moved to California in 1996. I was working at LA-Fitness in Laguna Hills before I start Chiropractic school in the fall. I was eating my lunch outside when I observed an overweight gentleman pull up in a new convertible Jag. He was very nicely dressed in a designer suit, and sported a nice Rolex watch.

He showed me a note from his doctor that said “high cholesterol, borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, needs to lose 40-50lb”.


When I showed him different personal training options he looked at me like I was insane.

This happened over 14 years ago and I still can’t get over how someone would rather have material possessions over health.


Some people have to have a wake up call to realize how important their health really is.

As I was saying I thought I have seen and heard it all til last Saturday

Many of you already know that we have started an indoor boot camp. Our Boot Camp is by far the best anywhere (I am not just saying that) below is the proof:

  • We offer 60 classes per week. You can go as many times as you want.
  • We have two of the best instructors anywhere (Judy and Alejandra)
  • Classes are offered 6 days per week. (almost all boot camps are 3 days/week)
  • It’s as low as $97/month. That’s $3.23 per day
  • It’s indoors and in it’s own building. So not affected by outside weather.

Every Saturday we have a free one time tryout of our boot camp. This gives everyone a chance to tryout our boot camp to see if it’s the right fit for them.

Woman in convertible car smiling

Last Saturday we had a woman pull up to the “free one time tryout” of our boot camp for the 3rd week in a row.

I never had a chance to talk to her because after finishing the class she would run out faster than Wesley Snipes at an IRS building. 😆

So I figured she is not interested……

Woman in convertible car smiling

But when I saw her pull up for her 4th “free one time tryout” I was like maybe she is interested after all.

So she calls me over as she is getting out of her $70K convertible Mercedes Benz.

She asks me “Sam, it’s a free Saturday boot camp”.

I politely answered “It’s a “one time free” tryout Saturday boot camp. It seems that you are enjoying yourself being it’s your 4th time, so you’re signing up”.

She said “I can’t I am in real estate”.

That’s when I really got confused and said “It’s only $97/month”


She then replied again “But I am in real estate” like real estate was synonymous with homeless.

I was very confused and perplexed at this time and couldn’t help but say “You drive that but you can’t afford $97 for your health and wellness.”

She then got in her car and drove away mad.

As I was driving home I had to stop and fill up my car. I was reflecting about what had happened earlier.

Here are my thoughts as I was waiting to fill up my car:

  1. $97 a month is exactly one extra gallon of extra gas for her car per day.
  2. If she legitimately can’t afford $97 then she could get a workout by going for a run at many various parks in Chino/Chino Hills. But I still can’t seem to understand driving that kind of car and not being able to afford three bucks a day I am sorry. It probably cost her over three bucks to drive to the boot camp anyway.
  3. Would she find me a new home and forgo her commission? Don’t think so
  4. I often go to Starbucks or Corner Bakery to work. I love that they have free WIFI. I always make sure to purchase something. After all they are in business like everyone else to make a living NOT provide free WIFI services.

I would love to hear your opinion on this by leaving a comment below

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