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October 12, 2012

Building A Great Breakfast Meal

You’ve heard it time and time again, if you want to succeed with your weight loss goals, you absolutely must be eating a good breakfast.

Breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day because it’s going to break the fasting period, jumpstarting your metabolic rate while also providing you with the energy you need to get your day off and running.

That said, many people choose very poorly when it comes to their food intake for the breakfast meal and thus suffer a set-back instead of moving forward.

Let’s look at the key things to remember when building your breakfast.

Avoid Cereal Bars


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November 23, 2010

Chino Boot Camp Sylvia’s Progress Week #12

Sylvia loses 7.5lb this week!!!!

She now weighs 150lb down from 184lb.

With Thanksgiving in a couple of days can she make it down to her goal weight of 144lb? She has one week and 6lb to go.

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January 12, 2010

Best Quotes/One liners of 2009:

Best Quotes/One liners of 2009:

The point being in your battle against weight loss, you need to start where it matters the most…in how and what you eat. From there you compliment your efforts with “effective” exercise…and not “excessive” exercise. Too many people are being excessive in what they do, expecting faster results somehow.
– Aerobics (Cardio) is Not Your Priority in Lasting Weight Loss


With the caveat that sugar intake should be VERY minimal, I’d rather go ahead and give my body the substance that it can process rather than some unknown chemical. … Again, better is a relative term. It’s better to smoke one pack of cigarettes than to smoke two packs. Cocaine is probably less harmful than crack. That doesn’t make it healthy. It’s even better to do neither.
– Real Sugar Vs. Artificial Sweeteners: Which Is Better?


I eat clean 90% of the time so that the other 10% of the time, I can relax and do whatever. I can eat sushi without being concerned about the rice. I can dig into the chips and guacamole at a Mexican place before my plate-load of carnitas. I can have a drink or two while watching football with friends.
– Cheat Meals, Flexible Eating, and Dietary OCD


“Stimulate and don’t annihilate”
– Get Bigger Muscles by…Walking?


In the end, we all just need to go back to the basics. Eat Real Food! Do that and you can forget worrying about the cardiovascular protection of omega-3s or how many egg yolks you should eat to lower your blood pressure.
– How A Paleo/Primal Eating Plan Improves Your Health; And Why None Of It Matters


Along with trans fats, sugar is the worst thing you can put in your body.
– Marketing Lies: There Is No Such Thing As “Healthy Sugar”


Perfection is an illusion, it means there is some final destination to be achieved (and disappointment to be had if you don’t get there). Strive for living daily instead, not trying to achieve a goal that your happiness is depending on. Your happiness is now.
– Deep Thoughts……More on Weight Loss, Health, and Living


So many people accept illness as a regular part of being alive. But is it really? Is illness the normal human life, an inevitable part of drawing breath? I don’t think it is.
– How Do You Repair Your Immune System?


Many people are overweight despite eating hardly any food…so while calorie deficit is needed to lose weight, it’s only in relation to how optimal the overall metabolism is running in the first place. Have a hampered liver and it will also negatively affect your fat burning metabolism.
– Speed Up Your Metabolism – Fatty Liver Disease


You probably noticed I left one off. Here’s a statement to ruffle some feathers: Do not drink soy milk. If you want to know why, go back to the anti-nutrient section. Add to that very high levels of omega-6 fatty acids in soy fat. It’s really not good for you.
– Nutrition In Milk And Milk Substitutes


We have seen healthy societies with various %s (high and low) of carb intake but they all have one big thing in common…they all eat natural “real foods”. They also have another thing in common, once people from their culture move into a more “modernized” food environment, then the health benefits seen previously decrease dramatically.
– Are Low Carb Diets Over-rated for Health and Longevity?


The reality is that humans started cooking food because it makes food more easily digestible, rather than making it more difficult to digest. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, this is true. And the only measure of how nutritious a food is, is how well the body can digest it.
– Are Raw Vegetables Healthier Than Cooked Vegetables?


If you don’t like something….change it or quit whining about it. Anyone can change their job, anyone can move to a different state, anyone can stop doing so much inorder to spend more time with family, anyone can make time for simple exercise, anyone can find ways to eat healthier. Dump the excuses and just take action to make a change now.

– Urgent Changes to Make in Your Vocabulary Today (for Health and Happiness)


Proteins and fat lowered a bit % wise, but carb% increased dramatically (primarily thanks to the whole “low fat” movement that could turn out the be the worst advice ever given). We are not saying carbs are the enemy, but we know that quality matters… let’s see where we are getting our carbs from. While fruits and vegetables have marginally increased, cereal grains and sugars have skyrocketed.
– Obesity, Diabetes, and Other Diseases vs Food Trends in Pictures


So knowing that pastured eggs are markedly more nutritious than conventional eggs, along with being more flavorful and safer, you have another reason to support your local farmers. Pastured eggs are more expensive, but they are also more nutritious. Check out your local farmer’s markets and buying clubs.
– The Truth About Free Range, Organic, Cage Free Eggs Nutrition


“If you told me you were going to jail and only had a barbell and didn’t want to get raped in the showers and could only do one exercise to put mass and strength on, then I’d tell you to do the snatch deadlift on a platform.”
– The Best Muscle Building Exercise…If You Had to Pick One


If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you already know that I’m no fan of grains, whether processed or whole. Unfortunately, those of us that think such blasphemous things against those “wholesome” grains are an anomaly. So for those that still think whole grains are an important, healthy, wholesome, and necessary part of the diet, let’s look at just a few of the issues.
– The Real Truth About Those “Healthy Whole Grains”


It all boils down to the simple equation that if you put your feet in a stiff shoe, you are not going to use all the muscles in your feet. What happens when you don’t use muscles? They get weak. Add an addition unnatural stride (heel striking) with weak feet and you create instability at the base of your body (your feet hitting the ground). That translates up your knees, legs, back and creates compensatory movements (such as overpronation) and injuries.
– Cure all Running Injuries (and Pain) with One Simple Fix….Barefoot Running


Instability of the scapula is a major cause of shoulder issues, so my goal is to teach the muscles to work together to make sure my scapula is moving within the joint as it should be. And there are a load of muscles that connect to this bone: deltoid, traps, biceps, pectoralis minor, rhomboids, serratus, and rotator cuff to name a majority.
– How To Improve Scapular Stability For Healthy Shoulders


IF is not about starvation, it’s not about crash dieting, and it’s not about quick weight loss (even if results may happen quickly for some). To me it’s all about a lifestyle and lasting approach to improving your health, redefining your relationship with food, to reduce unnatural cravings, get back in tune with the natural survival design of our bodies, optimizing your glucose energy metabolism and just an easy and simple approach to lasting results.
– Intermittent Fasting has a New Name….Intermittent Feeding


As you can see, I don’t think that you need to 100% give up coffee or alcohol to be healthy. I enjoy both and am unlikely to go completely clean from either. If you stick with the a low intake of both and pay attention to how you feel after having them, there’s no reason that you have to be completely ascetic.
– Caffeine, Alcohol, And Health – How Much Is Too Much?


The bottom line is that humans have been eating eggs, meat, and butter for a really long time without heart disease and cancer. Yet somehow, now heart disease and cancer run rampant and the food industry is always there to protect us from eating these wholesome foods.
– Real Foods Take On Fake Foods: Butter, Bacon, And Eggs

Wrapping up the year, we mainly want to thank YOU the readers for making this a great 2009 at Fitness Spotlight (with all your contributions/comments).

We look forward to more great things to come in 2010!


PS. If you have any great quotes or one liners you heard this past year, please feel free to share them in the comments below as well.

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January 10, 2010

Amy Kok Testimonial



From: Amy Kok


It’s been about one month since I joined Fitness Concepts.

The results are starting to really show through. I have loss over 17 pounds; inches are melting off my body.

When I first inquired about the program, I didn’t think I would be this motivated and see results this quickly.

I thought this must be another program that may work for some and probably not for me, but what the heck, I’ll try it.

Dr. Saman told me that I was on the borderline of being obese, I am only 26 years old. How can I be obese?

I can’t be, just a couple short years ago, I was in pretty good shape.

I want to look and feel young again, without having to shop at the plus size store.

I have two young kids, 4 & 2, am I going to be able to keep up with them at the park, or am I going to sit on the bench and have trouble breathing everytime I move?

Dr. Saman helped me set goals & steps in helping me achieve that goal.

He held a nutrition seminar that both my husband and I attended, what an eye opener

Immediately, Dr. Saman motivated us so much, we went home and cleaned out our fridge and pantry.

Donated all of our hamburger helper, canned soups,cookies, pastas, etc. to the local food bank.

Dr. Saman showed us how to shop for our food, how to eat, his blogs on how to order food at a fast food restaurant, how to control your portions.

Between Dr. Saman, Armando, Maria Macias (master trainer), I am working hard to lose the weight, gain muscle, learning how to workout the correct way.

This is just the beginning for me, I look forward to a bright future with Fitness Concepts.

You have truly proved that your program works as long as you have the drive, willpower, visualize what and how you want to feel.

Kind regards, Amy Kok

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