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Blisteringly Beautiful~

September 21, 2010

Blisteringly Beautiful~

Today at approximately 5:30am

I lost my bet with Elaine.

Before & After


Before weight is 158.8 After weight is 138.3

Deep down even though that I lost the bet I am very happy and proud of Elaine for losing 20.5lb in 6 weeks.

She took control of her life and not only looks absolutely hot but her attitude has taken a complete 180. Just watch what happened this morning.

Elaine overcame many obstacles including a nasty looking blister on her toe as you can see in the pictures below.


But she didn’t let that and the fact that she is a full time teacher get in her way to her goal (I mean bet). She walked the talk, she put up and now doesn’t need to shut up. She accomplished her goal.

A big congratulations to Elaine Maxwell to take me up on my challenge and coming through!!!!


In case you don’t remember Elaine below is her video from 6 weeks ago.

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