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5 Proven Ways to Stop Stress Eating for Good

August 22, 2011

5 Proven Ways to Stop Stress Eating for Good

Stress eating is one of the many things that can cause people to gain weight. What is it? What can be done about it? Stress eating occurs when a person feeling stress and tension from any aspect of life reaches for food as a way of reducing stress. The problem is it does not work. Eating foods leads to weight gain, which leads to more frustration. However, just realizing that is not enough. Most people also need to focus on ways to stop stress eating for good.

Learn to Stop Dramatizing

For those struggling with stress eating, one key way to slow the process is simply to stop being dramatic about it. If something goes wrong, take a deep breath and deal with it. Avoid carrying it on. Do not tell your friends about it. Do not fuel your anger and frustration by reliving the situation. This only worsens the effect and does nothing to solve the problem.


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