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5 Fat Burning Snacks You Can Rely On

August 11, 2011

5 Fat Burning Snacks You Can Rely On

You are what you eat and if you focus on the right foods not only can you lose weight with them, but you can also start burning off stored fat – the type of fat that can lead to a variety of health problems. The good news is that you do not have to starve yourself to see results. In fact, all you have to do is to focus on choosing the right snacks. How many times do you walk to the vending machine just for a pick-me-up? How many times do you look into the refrigerator looking for something that is satisfying but is still healthy enough to avoid fat build up? You can, and should, consider the following five fat burning snacks that do the work for you.


Just three ounces of almonds has the ability to help reduce weight and BMI by as much as 18 percent as compared to the 11 percent you may see if you do not eat nuts as part of your weight loss plan. That is because almonds are high in alpha linoleic acid. It helps to speed up the metabolism of fats. Only eat 12 per serving.


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