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September 28, 2010

Riverside Boot Camp Sylvia’s Progress Week #3

The below video is Sylvia’s 3rd week on the program at Riverside Boot Camp

If you remember she lost 7lb the first week. Click here to watch that video

She also lost another 7lb the 2nd week for a total of 14 in 2 weeks. Click here to see that video.

Now do you think she can keep up that pace of weight loss? Watch and see

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September 28, 2010

Alejandra Font @ 12:44 pm

Sylvia is so adorable…NEVER misses a workout! I bet a lot has to do with gaining some muscle!!

Dr. Saman @ 3:42 pm

She is awesome Alejandra. She lost 1lb still this month which means in 3 weeks she lost a total of 15lb. Not bad at all. Especially knowing that this week was “that time of the month”.

Ali Salamat @ 5:19 pm

Thank Doctor,…

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