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October 22, 2009



Well so many of my clients were telling me that I have to go try PaPaChino’s…..


So in between our series here and there we will do something a lil different……

We hope you enjoy this blog and go give PaPaChino’s  a try!!  Just mention this Fitness Concepts Blog and say I sent you! (Dr. Sam Bakhtiar) and recieve 10 % off your meal.  For the month of November.

Check out PaPaChino’s Website…….it IS the Fitness Concepts of restaurants, using technology to it’s fullest!!

(So my assistant was joking as we were filming the blog!)  LOL

You can actually order and pay for your meal online.  So when you get there you can either have it ready to go or ready to eat as soon as you arrive!!

Click here to enter PaPaChino's Website and Order Now!!

Click here to enter PaPaChino's Website and Order Now!!


Sometimes you wait for what seems like an eternity at a drive thru during busy meal times….the only minor inconvenience would be that u couldn’t find the other pair of your favorite shoes and didn’t completly match on your wardrobe, having a bad hair day and had to be seen in public…what a tragedy!!


This is all about fitness guys……get online at throw on a baseball cap, jump out your car and grab your delicious nutritious PaPachino’s meal quick as that!!  No wrong orders no waiting and yelling into the drive thru window.(you can even select a certain time that you want the meal ready!!)



Thank you for joining us on our Blog!!  For those of you that want a lil bit more here is short version of behind the scenes at PaPaChino’s.  Also join us for more and be our friend(they call it subscribe) on youtube for more videos.


Jim the owner wanted me to remind you that he supports the local youth by feeding them free on Saturday when the kids are in uniform.  Supporting local youth sports health and fitness.

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Looking forward to bringing you more tips next week on our

Eating Healthy While Driving Thru Series.

If there a place you would would like us to visit just post a comment.

We are having a Blast doing these Blogs for you!!

Thanks for tuning in!

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October 25, 2009

Jackie @ 9:48 am

Iam glad you tried Papachinos,John and I go there all time,we love it ,we have dinner there before we go to our workout,Thanks for trying it Jackie

Dr. Saman @ 12:16 pm

It doesn’t get better than that!!!!!

November 3, 2009

Jeff Gray @ 3:27 pm

I just had the pleasure of trying Papa Chino’s for the first time, and let me tell you… damn!

I just had the best shrimp tacos I have ever had! Let me say it again… the best shrimp tacos I have ever had!! I am a food snob, and have eaten at several of the best and most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and elsewhere, and I have to tell you, I’m very picky. Two of the most amazing shrimp tacos I have ever eaten, and for a measly $5 plus tax. Unbelievable.

I was so impressed that I had to immediately introduce myself to the owner, Jim. What a great guy! And I also thanked his main man, Javier, who mastered the recipe for the shrimp taco sauce. They make everything themselves, including the tortilla, which is obvious as soon as you pick it up. I’ll be back again, and again, and… well, you get the idea!

Thanks for the recommendation, Sam!

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