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May 8, 2013

Great Herbs For Enhancing Your Health

While eating a variety of healthy foods tends to take the focus of creating a good diet for yourself, you simply cannot overlook the importance of adding some smart herbs and spices to the picture as well.


Here are some of the primary ones to consider.



Oregano is the first herb to be using on a regular basis and this one can help to increase your fight against cancer by providing both anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Oregano works great in a wide variety of different dishes such as on top of eggs, in a bowl of pasta, or added to a baked chicken breast.



Garlic is one of the most commonly consumed herbs and while it will leave a potent mark on your breath, it also leaves a potent mark on your health as well.

Garlic is great for boosting your heart health and can also strengthen your immune system as well. For the absolute best effects, go with pureed garlic or minced fresh garlic.




Cinnamon is the next herb to be using regularly in your meal plan. The primary benefit you’ll get from this one is that it can help to control your blood glucose levels better, reducing the chances that you experience highs and lows as you go throughout the day.

Cinnamon is great when added to a bowl of oatmeal or into any of your baked goods. Or, try it sprinkled into a cup of coffee as well.



Finally, if you often suffer from muscle pain after a workout session or are experiencing pain due to arthritis, ginger may be a great solution.

This herb can help to combat muscle pain making it easier to recover from a workout so that you can get back to the gym for more training sooner again.

Ginger can be taken in either through tea format or through using the root itself in any recipe that you are preparing.

So there you have a few of the top herbs to consider if you want to give your diet an extra edge when it comes to enhancing your health. The great thing about herbs is that that they contain no calories, so you can add them in whenever you want without any impact on your body weight.

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