September 8, 2009

Eating Healthy at Carl’s Jr.


Well……….I am glad you decided to come along with us to Carl’s Jr


Click images of menus items to Go to Website to get Nutrition Information



I found some fun ads for Carl’s Jr……..and best of all my friends on the East Coast have Hardee’s which I was excited to see…….












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September 9, 2009

Laura Hansen @ 10:10 am

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the Carls Jr. I am still waiting for PF Changs (lol) It was great meeting your wife and your beautiful daughter on Saturday night!

Dr. Saman @ 10:43 am

You are welcome. You know the story about that Laura. It was a pleasure meeting your beautiful family as well.

Ray @ 10:13 am

How about Jack In The Box!

Dr. Saman @ 10:48 am

Jack In The Box is coming stay tuned.

Victor @ 10:27 am

Let me tell you Congratulations for showing us what to eat from those junk food places. You should do more chains to know what is the most healthy items they have for lunch or dinner. Excellent video.

Dr. Saman @ 10:48 am

Thank you so much for watching and your kind words Victor.

September 28, 2009

Sylvia @ 9:06 am

Sam, awesome video. I am really glad you’re doing this and the tips are fantastic. That’s true, after dinner time, we’re not that active and it makes sense to eat lighter than during the busy day time. Thanks once again for the help.