August 25, 2009

Blast From The Past, Tell Us What You Do To Unwind?

Disturbing News in Chino Hills
We already know that many people are under severe stress due to the economic state of our country. Being a fitness professional I am always educating my clients about the benefits of exercise and better nutrition. We all know that exercising releases endorphins and enkephalins which are the natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

In the last few weeks I was very disturbed about the murder-suicide news that happened in our back yard.¬† I mean how can someone do such a thing. I can’t understand it no matter how much I try.

It hits extra hard when it’s so close to home. It makes me wonder one thing. Would the husbands have committed such a crime if they were exercising regularly?

I know whenever I am stressed a good workout will definitely put me in a better place. No matter what we should never let our financial situation get in the way of our relationship with our spouse and children.

After all we live in The United States of America the greatest country in the world where anything is possible.

Please read the below stories and leave me a comment about your thoughts in this matter. I am very curious to see if everyone agrees with me that exercising is the best thing for stress relief.

Sadly…..August 2009 In Chino Hills

A fight between a married couple on a Tuesday evening turned deadly when a husband shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself, sheriff’s officials said.

The couple’s adult daughter was at the house, she was not injured, she ran to a neighbor’s to call 911.

Deputies found Victor Pinon, 50, and his wife, Elizabeth, 49, dead inside the home.

The daughter told deputies her parents had been arguing when her father grabbed a handgun and shot his wife. He shot himself seconds later.

Neighbors in the quiet community said they were shocked by the incident.

According to news reports the husband was very helpful and the wife was always smiling.

The couple’s daughter lived with them. They also had two older daughters and one older son, Estrada said.

The Pinons one-story house is nestled in a suburban community with walking trails and exercise parks.

He must have been severely stressed to do something like that.” A neighbor said….

Sadly….. Last month in July¬† 2009

Less than a month ago and barely three miles away, sheriff’s deputies contend Jacobson killed his daughter and then himself on July 25 in their quiet, upscale neighborhood.

A 49-year-old Chino Hills man apparently murdered his 7-year-old daughter and then committed suicide in their home while his wife was visiting relatives, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s and coroner’s officials.

Karl Eugene Jacobson and Kadee Jacobson were found dead about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in separate rooms of their home along the 3600 block of Daisy Drive, San Bernardino County coroner’s officials said this morning in a written statement.

Jacobson’s wife discovered the bodies when she returned home about 9:30 p.m. according to sheriff’s homicide detectives.




Do you think that exercising could have prevented all this? Think about it for a second

Do you think that after a good workout these men would reacted the same?

I guess we would never know BUT I will always wonder.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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August 25, 2009

Big Mike @ 2:12 pm

no, it wasn’t lack of exercise, it was lack of SEX

Dr. Saman @ 2:58 pm

Mike!!!!! You had to go there didn’t you?

Erin Kelley @ 2:14 pm

I personally knew this couple and their now 18 year old Daughter played soccer with mine when they were younger. From what I saw, Victor was a decent, hard working Father, and Liz was a very sweet woman. I was shocked and horrified to read this Saturday. I’m not so sure that excercize could have been the answer. Stress and rage are two very powerful emotions. I truly believe that excercize can relieve stress, but rage is something completely different.

Dr. Saman @ 2:59 pm

Erin, my god you knew them. That is too close to home.

Marcella Buchheit @ 2:16 pm

The answer could be yes and no.

After working out you have this wonderful high that makes you feel invincible and able to do and handle anything that comes your way.
However, stress can make you do things that you would normally not think of. You could work out, be as fit as possible, but if you have lost your job/house or believe there is no hope for your situation, no amount of working out or exercise is going to relieve this stress once your workout is over.
I do feel that while you are working out your mind is cleared from all outside problems and stress. Your work out promotes positive energy to get you through till the next work out. (I learned this at Fitness Concepts). If you keep working out, work through your stress in a positive way, like exercise, you realize you have alternatives.

Dr. Saman @ 2:57 pm

Absolutely Marcella.

Cheryl @ 2:24 pm

OMG, this was so disturbing, when I heard it as well. I think you’re right on target Sam. I don’t think very many people realize the emotional and physiological strain an unhealthy lifestyle promotes. It even goes beyond the endorphin release after a workout. It’s an overall feeling of confidence and well being that ensues, if you’re eating right and exercising, regularly. Not to compare humans to dogs (or in any way make light of these disturbing stories), but it makes me think of what the “Dog Whisperer” says about dogs that aren’t walked on a daily basis. They get “crazy” and misbehave in many ways. It’s due to the fact that they have no outlet for their energy! No matter who you are, or what your schedule is, your body NEEDS the outlet and health benefits of exercise – period! We all need to just DO IT. There is always a way, but most keep putting it on the back burner. You have no idea how bad you feel, until you feel REALLY GOOD! Our lives and our families REALLY DO depend on it…

Dr. Saman @ 2:57 pm

I agree with you Joe. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Liz Hoffman @ 2:25 pm

This is very sad!

I do agree with you, people that get exercise are in a better frame of mind, than otherwise.

Thank you for sharing!

meg @ 2:25 pm

Dr. Laura would say yes exercising would be helpful. I agree exercising is great. A great husband-wife relationship with a sex life too. Unfortunately people make bad mate decisions which effect a lifetime of agony on their children. There is something in the Bible about the sins of the Father being visited upon his children. It is true. I am older take my word for it.

Peter Mehit @ 2:30 pm

Dr. Sam,

It’s clear these individuals were nut jobs. Nothing, not a workout or a call from mom or anything except maybe high doses of psychiatric drugs would have changed their actions.

A bench press won’t reawaken humanity that you’ve lost or were never wired to have in the first place. Aren’t there enough benefits to exercise that you don’t have to try build a claim that it would have prevented four violent deaths?

Dr. Sam, I know you are a very honorable and decent man. This kind of advertising will not help you.

Dr. Saman @ 2:55 pm

Hey Pete,
This was definitely not an advertisement. This is a tragic event that has touched our lives.
I am very saddened by this and would never use it as a promotion.

Yoli Diaz @ 2:34 pm

Dr. Saman. There is no question that excercising will alliviate a bit of frustration. However, in my opinion excercising is not the only thing we need. Most importantly, before the excercise , No.1 thing to do. Seek God and his kingdom and he will take care of the rest. If we don’t have God we are lost. He created us , he knows us, he is the mighty that will take care of us. All we have to do is trust in him. He knows better. Let’s all reach out to each other and try to give us a helping hand, Coming to excercise will keep your doors open to us and if feels great. Yes, we all need to stay in shape and be healthy. We also need to stay connected, we all need each other. Mainly we need God. Don’t let go of his hand. This is my opinion. Had those 2 man had spiritual guidance,you can rest assure, these crazy killings wouldn’t have occured. I wish for all of you reading this comment a joyful and fantastic day.
Don’t let little things annoy you. We are impefect. To err is human and to forgive is divine. Stay sane, healthy and safe. From Yoli Diaz.

Dr. Saman @ 2:50 pm

No doubt Yoli. I agree with you 100%. Can’t agree more

Jamal @ 2:48 pm

I would like to think that excercising would have made a difference. It is sad though that we can only examine these things after they happen and not prevent them. It is also sad that people feel that they have no choice but to do things like this. I know that after excercising i feel wonderful, and feel incredible, like I can take on the world. The problems are still there, but I feel like I have hope afterwards. The only thing we can control is our minds, and the fastest way to change the way we feel mentally, is to change our state of being physically.

And the way we change our state of being physically is to get up and move our physical bodies. And excercise definately qualifies as a state changer.

Joe A. @ 3:13 pm

Certainly this was a tragedy. I agree that exercise leads to a better frame of mind. I think that a strong faith in God is most important.

I didn’t know these people. For someone in this column to insult them is quite inappropriate, especially now. Please people.

Everyone, fit and faithful or foolish and foibled, has hard times and gets pushed to their limits. We all have / had times when we can / could have snap(ped). How many times have we heard of “very good, decent people” in situations like this. It defies logic and is a place where few of us have ever been so it is hard to speculate.

The lesson I see here is that we need to reach out, encourage, comfort, and help each other in these difficult times. We need each other more than ever right now. There are lots of problems on people’s minds and anyone can snap under the most difficult circumstances.

So yes, Sam, exercise helps. I’m a firm believer in Christ and that’s most important to me. Let’s just make sure that we are all available for our friends and families now and doing anything we can to help them when we see needs, whatever our gifts are.

And let’s not be too hard on those around us and on ourselves. Isn’t it true that many of us tend to treat our most loved ones worse than we do others? Something is not right about that. Life is too short to be short with each other.

I offer my most sincere condolences to the family of this couple and will have you in my prayers. I hope that you don’t think that you are at fault in any way. These are things that are beyond human comprehension and in God’s realm.

Dr. Saman @ 3:21 pm

Very well said Joe. You definitely are right about being there for each other and not to be so hard on those around us. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Peggy @ 3:24 pm

What Yoli said.

Sam, I’ve been through a lot this year with losing my child…and the only thing that has kept me sane is Divine Grace.

The other source of truly ‘making sense’ of this world when it sometimes seems so senseless is studying the work of Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD.

Love & Peace,

Dr. Saman @ 5:07 pm

I can only imagine what you have gone thru losing your 6 week old child. God bless you and your beautiful family.

RACHEL MORA @ 3:30 pm


Andrea L. @ 3:32 pm

I read the article you sent regarding the two murder suicides here in Chino Hills. Though we will never really know why evil got the best of these two men, I do understand what you are suggesting about how exercise could have perhaps helped them to not make this irrational and horrific choice. Although the movie Legally Blonde is a comedy, there is a line in that film that has always been one of my favorite all time movie quotes. It is, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands?” I am not making light of this situation, but you certainly have a point to your article. I thought it was a valid and important point to make pertaining to the news at hand. Thank you for all that you do. I may not be a client of yours, but I certainly do read all of the e-mails and FB updates that you send out. You provide inspiration for many. Have a blessed day.

Delphina Hooks @ 3:50 pm

Sam I completely agree with what Joe A. said…
we have all gone through or are going through issues; the difference is some of us choose to seek help and support from their friends, family and other church members.

I to offer my sincere condolences to the families.

Cheryl @ 4:30 pm

I felt really bad about what I wrote earlier, Sam. I did not mean to associate anything cruel or judgemental against the people referenced. I think my wording was all wrong with the example I gave. I apologize to anyone who was offended. I really have no business commenting on such a horrific and tragic event, and I’m sorry. My prayers are with these families.

Melissa @ 5:22 pm

I too believe Sam to be a descent guy. HOWEVER, I find the correlation between this tragic event due to a lack of excercise appalling. Sam, you may have not have meant this to look like advertising, but that’s exactly how it comes across. I had to read this twice because I couldn’t believe my eyes. This really has me upset. I understand exercising makes one feel better, but to make a connection like this is absurd. You should at the very least retract this and offer your apologies. This was a ridiculous email.

Dr. Saman @ 7:46 pm

Thank you Melissa for believing me to be a descent guy. First of all I do apologize if I offend anyone regarding this matter and my sincere condolences to all the families involved. HOWEVER I have never mentioned any of my businesses here. I just simply mentioned that exercise relieves stress. As reported these men were under stress and exercise helps you deal with stress. (again I am advocating exercise NOT my facility)
Let’s take a look at it a little differently for a second. What if there were drugs or alcohol involved? We would of course say that that was the problem wouldn’t we? Well, drugs and alcohol effect the mind in a negative way so that’s why we are always quick to jump on that HOWEVER exercising affects the mind in a positive way so why can’t we at least wonder what if they did exercise?

Dan @ 6:41 pm


You are exactly right. That’s why I rarely feel stressed (haven’t in years, now). The exercise can only treat the symptoms.

Dan <

Dr. Saman @ 7:51 pm

This was Submitted by La Tasha Anderson

Dear Sir,
Your guess is as good as the next person. These are very trying and desperate times. It’s almost as if some one passed out a meno and we did not get one. The world has become so fast paced, it’s all about instant gratification. I remeber when it was ok to smile at people walking by or holding a door open for another person was a good deed. People don’t do those things any more for fear of catching some one on a bad day.The media plays the same loop over and over and it’s always bad. They never give us hope any more. Stories on people being compassionate and kind don’t get top billing. I am a mother and military wife who has had her share of unfortunate situations, Last year in April two very large men tried to break in my home and 3 weeks later 3 more came. The last time I went after them and said some really bad things. I was so feed up with the ignorance and got pulled out of pocket. I have learned that to pray and pray hard helps, I believe this is why I was sustained. We never know what goes on in another persons mind and that is the scary part. You just continue to be the helpful and kind person you are and take good care of your beautiful family.Take care and God bless.

Yole Moreland @ 11:24 pm

Sam…..I think the combination of excerise and mental well being might have helped both situations. Excerising is a temporary fix because once the physical distraction of excerising is complete the problems are still there. Therefore mental well being. Talking to family, friends or a professional can help you work out the inner demons we as human have when put in a situation that we can not control. Loss of control such as financial problems or loss of a job can turn the kindest people to make choices that may not be reversable.

August 26, 2009

Caroline Light @ 8:40 am

I understand what you are trying to say…that exercise reduces stress, but please don’t do it in this way.I feel like this is more of a marketing attempt than an attempt to highlight the stress reduction that exercise provides. Moreover, the question, “Do you think that exercising could have prevented all this?” minimizes the tragedy that surrounds what these families have been and are going through.

Dr. Saman, please keep in mind that while you may not have stated your business, the top of this page does. It is easy to make the connection. Besides, you advertise in different circulars in the Chino/Chino Hills area and the name of your business and your picture are also on those advertisements. It is not hard to put the 2 together.

Exercise does help to relieve stress, but will it prevent a tragedy like death? I believe not. It is a personal relationship with our Creator that will.

He tells us not to worry cause he’s got it covered! If all of our needs are taken care of, what is there to stress about? Nothing.

To tie it all in, I often utilize both-a relationship with Jesus and the gym. I have worked out with my friends in the midst of their hopelessness. It gave them an opportunity to share with me their trials/hardships, while it affords me an opportunity to listen. And when the time is appropriate, I shared with them a prayer or a story of how a relationship with Jesus can be an answer. If the timing wasn’t right to pray or share with them, they at least enjoyed the benefits of having worked-out/exercised.

Have a great day everyone! Let’s do what we can to help the many others that are experiencing these high levels of stress.

Thanks for listening,

Caroline Light

Dr. Saman @ 2:27 pm

Caroline, I totally agree with you about the fact that we need to have a relationship with God. I truly think that is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WITHOUT THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT.
However I am a firm believer that exercise helps us cope with stress much better therefore COULD PREVENT IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR.

I am NOT saying that exercise is the answer to all and that it can replace one’s relationship with God.

As I am writing this, one of my former client just stopped by and told me that he needs to get back in the gym ASAP and that the blog post hit home with him. He stated that ever since he stopped working out he feels stressed and he is having problems at home.(As a matter of fact he said that cops been to his house twice in the last month).

He also stated that when he was working out he didn’t have the above problems. I also would like to mention that this client is a regular member of the church and an avi Christian with a beautiful family.

It’s been well documented fact that prisoners who workout while in prison create much less problems with other inmates. Do you think that they build a gym in prison just for their enjoyment?


I do 100% believe in having a relationship with God. But I also believe that God had given us our bodies and it’s up to us to keep our “temple” in top shape. One of the way to keep our temple in top shape in by exercising.

Bill @ 3:33 pm

I must admit that there have been alot of interesting comments made on this subject. I would like to think that in our crazy world, one could believe that exercise is a key to keeping our bodies in shape and making our inner souls calm. With all of the new economic times we are experiencing that we could be reaching out to our friends, family and to our neighbors to see what we can do to help them. Back in the 50’s, it was nice to work together and help one another, but we have reached a new plateau in the year 2010 and we have diffferent ways of dealing with relationships, money problems and tragedies. Let us take a few minutes and see what we can do to make this a better world and stop putting those down that are trying to make us and the world a better place to live.

Dr. Saman @ 5:40 pm

I agree Bill. Thank you.

August 27, 2009

Mia Mac @ 11:34 am

This comment is directed straight at Peter Mehit……..Excuse you, I know Dr.Bakhtiar for over 9 years now as a friend and client. I have seen him help out many people and volunteer his time(which he does not boast or tell all he does to help people) and he truly cares for all his clients and wishes the best for them……Any member of the gym can attest to that I am sure…Yes I am also a business owner as well as my husband. I know all the cost involved in running a business, all business have these costs……..A blog is just that discussion board………It is great to get to know business owners in the neighboor hood and realize we still do have such people in our community that have integrety and stand up for their beliefs….even if a bit controversial….they are REAL!!!
Also I got as far as Meg’s blog comment too…..thanks MEG……that was deep……I was reading other blog comments out of curiosity and some mentioned rage…..that is disturbing that someone can be so stressed that their rage can take over…….I really have no authority to say too much……..this is deeply saddens my heart, the home is walking distance from mine on Bayberry, my heart pours out to the families and friends that are affected by this tragedy and hope they have a strong support system to help deal with this situation!! That will be with them their entire life…….