February 22, 2013

Chino Hills Weight Loss – Tony’s 6 week challenge result

Sam: What’s up, Anthony?

Anthony: What’s going?

Sam: What’s going on, man? Today is January 2nd. You’re going to do a six-week contest to lose 20 pounds in six weeks.

So today, you weighed on 241.9. So in six weeks, which is by the way, I got the calendar, six weeks is going to be February 13th right before the Valentine’s Day.

There we go. What’s up everybody? It’s your boy, Sam. I got my man, Tony in the house. What’s going on, Tony?

Tony: Everything is good.

Sam: So six weeks ago, you were 241.9. I just looked at your video, me and Sonia were just showing it right there and man, you look like a round man of rebound six weeks ago. So, let’s check you out. 241.9. And let’s go over here and see what you got. You got to get 221.9 to get your money back.

Not 221.8, not 221.7. OK. Here’s what we’re going to do, you get one weigh in, baby. You got one weigh in. You got about 5 pounds of chain there. You know what I’m saying? Your chain, whatever – you’re good to go? Even like that? 221.9. Focus on here, Sonia. 221.9.

Yeah! 219, 22 pounds, baby, 22 pounds, baby. That was hot. That was hot. [Indiscernible] Congratulations, man. Look at you. This is what we do here all day every day. We just get people to lose weight, change their lives. Come to our transformation center and check me out.

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