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April 6, 2011

Chino Hills Boot Camp – Giving Back

Chino/Chino Hills residence THANK YOU.

Feels sooo good to give back. Alejandra and I decided in April that we’re giving away a month of boot camp for anyone that donates $20 to their favorite charity. Chino Hills residence jumped at this opportunity and helped raise over $1500. THANK YOU CHINO/CHINO HILLS RESIDENCE YOU’RE AWESOME.

Did you know that we have an exclusive program that allows your PPO insurance to pay for your physical training?

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April 7, 2011

Amparo Cohen @ 4:25 pm

That really a nice idea .. i will donate 20$ for sure..

Tracy Smith @ 4:27 pm

I love the metabolic rx program becasue my insurance pays for my physical training

Jacob D. Adams @ 4:29 pm

how nice it is to give back to charity and donate money to a good cause

Gary Delacruz @ 4:31 pm

It’s about time that insurance companies realize the importance of preventive care

Carrie King @ 4:35 pm

I have been going to Fitness Concepts for a year now and lost 59lb. Best of my insurance has covered most of the cos

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