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March 11, 2013

Chino Hills Boot Camp – 6 Week Challenge Result – Mynor

Sam: What’s up my good friend Mynor?

Mynor: What’s going on, man?

Sam: So today is the 21st, six weeks challenge to lose 20 pounds in six weeks. And that was effective in March 4th, I believe.

Mynor: That’s it, baby.

Sam: OK. So 208.5 so we got to get to 188.5. You got this.

Mynor: You got it.

Sam: All right. That’s what I’m talking about.

Mynor: Yeah!

Sam: Yup. What’s up Mynor?

Mynor: What’s up, Sam?

Sam: You weighed in at 208 six weeks ago. So let me see what you got. You got two paparazzi right here. What’s up ladies? 208, we got to get down to 188.

Mynor: Hold on. I don’t know if I can do this.

Sam: 186, 22 pounds, baby. 22 pounds, baby. 22 pounds, baby. 22 pounds, my baby. Six weeks and 22 pounds. So tell me what everybody is saying.

Mynor: No, that I do good. I look a lot different.

Sam: People noticing?

Mynor: Oh, definitely.

Sam: What’s your wife saying?

Mynor: I feel healthier. My wife loves it. Just the clothes are fitting a lot better and just feeling way …

Sam: Yeah. Women are already chasing you around. Look at you.

Mynor: Bye.

Sam: Awesome. Good job.
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