March 1, 2013

Chino Hills Boot Camp – 6 Week Challenge Result – Michelle

Sam: 147.2. Perfect. Perfect. So, we got to – in six weeks, we got to get you down to 130?

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: OK. Let’s do this.

Michelle: OK.

Sam: Good morning, Michelle.

Michelle: Good morning.

Sam: What’s happening?

Michelle: Doing good.

Michelle: Oh, my God! I just look at your before picture like six weeks ago and I can’t believe how much – I mean like you have improved – I mean like you can see your waist, I mean your hips.

Michelle: I have a chin.

Sam: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s funny like you know, yeah. And you look absolutely amazing.

Michelle: Thank you.

Sam: I know you’ve been coming here. You’re working hard. I know it’s not easy with the family and all that kind of stuff. So six weeks ago, you weighed in about 147.2 or something like that, right?

Michelle: Yup.

Sam: OK. And now, it’s six weeks later. Let’s see how much weight have you lost. 136.6. So you lost about 12 pounds in six weeks. Now, tell me how your clothes are fitting?

Michelle: I fit in to pants that I haven’t got to wear before I had my babies.

Sam: Oh my God!

Michelle: They just totally fit. I’m buying – I have to buy smaller sizes now. My pants were too big.

Sam: So, what are people thinking? I know like people are probably like looking at you and like, “What the hell are you doing?”

Michelle: It’s the first thing that people – they asked me like, “Have you lost weight? What are you doing? Are you on a diet?” And I said, “No, I’m not on a diet.” Because to me a diet is something you do and then you stop but I just cleaned up my eating habits.

Sam: Good one, kid.

Michelle: And eating when I’m supposed to be and working hard every day.

Sam: So I mean, I’m looking at your arms and shoulders now, looking at that, I mean they’re so much, so much more toned. So we’re really proud of you.

Michelle: Thank you.

Sam: Being a mom and coming here and putting all you got on the line. And this kid right there, she’s another 6-week contestant that graduated. She’s killing it right now. So we’re just getting people in shape. Thanks Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you.
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