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September 19, 2010

Be Aware of Haters [Monday Motivation]

I’ve got a killer motivational and video for you today.

It’s actually one of my awesome clients that was ecstatic about her results at 5:30 in the morning.

But first I need to get up on my soap box for a minute and get something off my chest.


Before I start I want to thank the Sheriff department and the RA Sushi management for escorting him out of the establishment.


hater-21It’s awesome to know that so many cool people live in this area. :)

Okay… here’s the deal.

I’m so FREAK’IN tired of the haters!

All they put out is piss and vinegar.

They cry like little babies, put out inflammatory remarks, threats and when it comes down to backing it up don’t do S***.

To the haters I say don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

What’s even more funny is that the one in particular claims to be a fitness professional.

The point I want to make is:

I wouldn’t go to a dentist if his  teeth is all messed up.

Would you go to a mechanic if his car constantly broke down.

I would also think twice about hiring a personal trainer if he couldn’t get anyone in shape. Or worse if he can’t get himself in shape.

S***, some don’t even have a single success story – but they manage to give themselves EXPERT status.

WTH does that mean anyway!?!


It’s one of three things with these Jokers…

They either have ZERO industry experience and get into personal training for the wrong reasons.

They don’t have solid business systems put in place and they wonder why they have to move to a different location every few years because they can’t seem make it. One of my very good friend and client Mr. Feinman told me once “No matter where one goes they can’t escape from themselves”.

Or they catch the vapors and get VAPORIZED when someone is actually delivering great services and delivering solid results for their clients and they go into HYPER HATER-ISM mode and spew their venom.

hater-1I’m not saying that I’m all that         that’s stupid!!!

Yeah, I know my stuff. And I’m REALLY good at what I do.

I still get up at 3:15am and work out at  4am. Not because I have to BECAUSE I WANT TO AND IT’S A PART OF MY LIFE.

I still work 12-15 hour days not because I have to BECAUSE  I WANT TO. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

In my twenties, I was taking 14-20 units per semester, working 35-40 hours per week as a personal trainer, getting ready and winning numerous bodybuilding titles including Mr. Orange County, Mr. Los Angeles and a dozen more all while passing the National Boards of Chiropractic Examiners the first time around.

Now I own one of the most successful personal training facilities in California.

I am 37 years old now, wise enough to know to fight with my brain not with my fist. After all last time I checked our brain is what put us at the top of the food chain.

I’ve personally helped over five thousand people get in the best shape of their lives and have clients all over the world.

I’ve authored the book “Total Body Transformation Secrets” which is available worldwide. You can get it on Amazon Here, download it here: or come support me on September 25th at my book signing at Barnes and Noble in Chino Hills. I will donate my portion of the profits to Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

I’m not saying any of this to toot my own horn or to impress you. Most of you reading this already know this stuff.

I’m telling you this to impress upon you that my industry, like all industries has its good, bad, ugly and THE HATERS!!!

My advice to you… BEWARE OF THE SKINNY CHEF.


And NEVER EVER be a hater.

If you aren’t good at something, either get good at it or get the F#%K out and choose another industry.

Because haters never prosper.

Okay, where were we before the haters interrupted?…  OH yes, here is yet another client totally ecstatic at Fitness Concepts. (A lesson to be learned here)

Do you have Haters? Leave me a comment and let’s share some Hater stories.

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July 26, 2010

Was I Wrong? (Asking For Your Opinion)

After receiving well over 700 comments, texts and Facebook messages from everyone helping me get through the lowest point of my life.

I also received a comment that really bothered me. But before I respond to this comment I wanted to ask for your opinion.

Was I wrong to reach out to my subscribers asking for advice/prayers?

Should I just kept it in and not shared my tragedy with anyone?

Does anyone else think that I used my worst tragedy to help my name and business?

Below is the comment that was made:

From Isiah B,

“I’m very sorry for your loss. However, I’m more sorry that you’d blog about tragedy and send mass emails to people you don’t even know like me. Why the hell do you need to let the world know about your unborn son? How the hell are blog posts going to help you deal with something like this? Only family and god can be of use here, isn’t that obvious? I can’t help but feel like by doing this you’re helping your business and your name. Good god some people. Look! Now your making yourself vulnerable to people like me. I’m not heartless I’m just not fucking buying it.”

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you agree with Isiah. Do you think that I shouldn’t ask for help and prayers in time of need? Do you think I used this tragedy for personal gain?

I would love to know your thoughts and comments below.

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July 22, 2010

My Son Didn’t Make it. Devastated

Today at 11am we went for a routine ultra sound and found out that our unborn son didn’t have a heart beat. I am just devastated at this point. I know God always has a plan but this is very hard to swallow. I need some time to reflect and recover from this.

Please leave me a comment below and help me deal with this

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July 21, 2010

Chino Hills Personal Trainer With Top Neuromuscular Dentist

Recently my very good friend, client and dentist extraordinaire Dr. Soboh was nominated as one of the top dentists in LA. I happen to be there the day they were filming video. Dr. Soboh’s office is truly more like a spa than a dental office. The service is Impeccable.

Of course I always try to get something for my clients and Dr. Soboh promised to take special care of Fitness Concepts clients.

I need your opinion: How would you rate my performance in front of camera. Do you think I am ready for Hollywood?

Or should I stick to personal training?

Please leave me a comment below and let me know (don’t hold anything back)



Click Here to Watch!!

Make sure to become a fan or at least vote for our office to be the 2010 winner among all the nominees.

Ahmed Soboh DDS
Soboh Dental Care
Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry


Click Here to Watch!!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know if I am ready for Hollywood

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