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December 2, 2010

Welcome Home To Our Troops

Even though this has nothing to do with fitness, I just had to share this video with you.

This video made my eyes water. OK, I cried now are you happy. Does that make me less of a man?

I know everyday I can’t wait to get back home and hear my daughter say “Daddy” and jump in my arms.

I can’t imagine the joy a soldier feels after fighting in the war and returning home to see his family.

I can’t imagine how a soldier’s family feels when their loved ones return home safe.

The singer songwriter is Dr. Unger’s daughter Chelsea Lena from Nashville, TN.

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October 27, 2010

Free Diabetic Medication / Cure For Diabetes?

My friends at Catalina Research Institute in Chino continue to set the standards for drug development in the Inland Empire. Joe Calleros, the operations director of the Institute and Dr. Jeff Unger have been helping many patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, obesity, chronic pain and even mental illness enter into clinical trials which would provide them with free medications and medical care for several months or even years.

Patients who participate in clinical research studies are not only compensated for their time, but often experience a much higher level of medical care than they would within a standard primary care practice. All of the studies are regulated by the FDA and closely monitored by the physicians at Catalina Research Institute.
Dr. Unger, who is an international thought leader in the field of diabetes, says that Catalina is currently working with novel types of insulin therapies which are not available at regular pharmacy outlets.

“In the future we hope to begin recruiting for our oral insulin study. We also hope to begin working with any patients who have type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease to test a drug which may significantly improve kidney function.” For patients who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease, Dr. Unger is conducting a 5 year study known as LEADER, which evaluates the cardiovascular safety and efficacy of a drug called Victoza.

Patients who enter into this study will receive free medication for 5 years, which could reduce the cost of their prescription drug by over $15,000! Victoza is currently available in pharmacies and is known to improve glucose levels and lower weight in patients with type 2 diabetes.

“We are also working with medications which could potentially reverse diabetes related nerve disease,” says Dr. Unger. We are testing drugs which work on the kidneys to increase glucose excretion resulting in improved glucose control and weight loss. These drugs appear to be very safe in the long term and are several years away from becoming FDA approved for general use.

Catalina Research Institute is very privileged to have the opportunity to offer these novel therapies to our patients and their families, said Joe Calleros. “We are leading the fight to not only end diabetes, but improve the quality of lives for those patients suffering with chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. I am proud of our patients and our staff for the active role they are taking in clinical research and development.”

Anyone who would like to be screened for a clinical trial is urged to call Joe Calleros at Catalina Research Institute: 909-590-8409.

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September 23, 2010

Chino Hills Saturday Boot Camp

Come checkout our Saturday mornings at “THE CAMP”. Come join us and let’s workout and have some fun!!! It’s free for all first timers.

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September 21, 2010

Blisteringly Beautiful~

Today at approximately 5:30am

I lost my bet with Elaine.

Before & After


Before weight is 158.8 After weight is 138.3

Deep down even though that I lost the bet I am very happy and proud of Elaine for losing 20.5lb in 6 weeks.

She took control of her life and not only looks absolutely hot but her attitude has taken a complete 180. Just watch what happened this morning.

Elaine overcame many obstacles including a nasty looking blister on her toe as you can see in the pictures below.


But she didn’t let that and the fact that she is a full time teacher get in her way to her goal (I mean bet). She walked the talk, she put up and now doesn’t need to shut up. She accomplished her goal.

A big congratulations to Elaine Maxwell to take me up on my challenge and coming through!!!!


In case you don’t remember Elaine below is her video from 6 weeks ago.

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