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October 6, 2010

Die Fat

In this video the famous author Steve Siebold (author of 177 mental toughness of the world class) keeps it “real” when it comes to fat loss

Over the past 18 years I have helped thousands of my clients transform
their bodies.

Here is what I’ve discovered

In my opinion our mind is the most important factor when it comes
to getting in shape or achieving any goal for that matter.

But then that got me thinking; what other aspects of our lives are controlled by our mind?

The answer: EVERYTHING!

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September 3, 2010

Low Fat Food = High Fat People?




It seems there are more low fat foods than


We have all these low fat foods…but are there more

low fat people than ever?

Recent statistics from the National Institute of Health

indicate that 26.7% of the US population is now


So why haven’t low fat foods led to more low fat


This is because there is no relation between fat

calories eaten and the amount of fat on your body.

Your body can convert ANY type of calories into fat,

not just fat calories.

If you ate white rice for every meal you’d add fat to

your body even though rice is fat-free.

So don’t automatically reach for the low fat foods.

Reach for the Get Lean Program instead:

Click Here To Get The Get Lean Progam

The only fat that really matters is body fat.

Body fat percentage is better indicator of

your health than your weight.

The way your jeans fit you will tell you more about

the success of your diet than the scale will.

This is today’s fat loss secret:

Your body is more than willing to work WITH you and

burn your fat.

If you’ve tried many diets in the past but didn’t have

long term success, then I know it probably doesn’t

seem that way.

It might seem that your body is destined to work

against you.

But if you try fitness model Belinda Benn’s

Get Lean Program for just a week or two,

you’ll see that your body really does want to

work WITH you:

Checkout The Get Lean Program

Aren’t you ready to start thinking about food in a

brand new…and freeing….way?

P. S. You’ll get the right amount of protein, carbs

and fat at each meal without even trying. This plan is

so easy and does all the work for you.

Last Chance To Get This Awesome Program

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September 2, 2010

Are Calories Your Enemy?





Today I thought I’d kick things off by addressing the

question people who want to lose weight always

get around to asking sooner or later.

Do you really have to count calories?

Let’s look at it this way…calories are like


If you spend money mindlessly, you eventually get

into trouble and get into debt or run out of


It’s the same with calories.

If you mindlessly eat food without paying any

attention at all to calories you eventually pay a steep


And you know what that is…unwanted fat.

So it’s good to know how many calories are in the

foods you typically eat.

Knowledge is always a good thing.

But does this mean that you have to slavishly

count calories at each meal?


Look at our ancestors and the way humans lived up

until 10,000 years or so ago.

Some days they feasted, when the hunting was good.

Other days they barely scraped by with whatever

scraps they could find.

Our bodies are not machines – they are versatile

and can adapt to changing situations.

This is why it’s best to keep your metabolism

on its toes and not eat the same way all the time,

like most diets require that you do.

Otherwise you hit a plateau and can’t lose

weight even on a low calorie diet.

If you’ve been there and are tired of it, I have

good news for you, compliments of fitness model

Belinda Benn:

Click Here To See It For Yourself

Belinda’s Get Lean program is designed with the

understanding that every body is different.

The number of calories that are just right for

your body aren’t the same for someone else’s

body, even if you are the same size.

But we do know that you need calories from

protein, carbs and fat.

A diet that is all about low carbs or high

protein or low fat shortchanges you.

So here is today’s fat loss tip:

Your body needs the right *types* of calories.

It needs them every day.

This is more important than the number of


The Get Lean program gives you recipes and daily

meal plans that you will work WITH your body,

rather than a one-size fits all diet.

You don’t have to starve yourself.

You don’t have to whip out a calculator.

Calories are no longer your enemy.

Isn’t it time for healthy, lasting weight loss?

Click Here To See What’s All About

P. S. Would you like to see a change in your body

in as little as 30 days? Then go here:

Checkout Belinda’s Program Here

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August 22, 2010

Belinda Benn’s Inspirational Story

This is my colleague Belinda Benn’s Story. She didn’t even own a bikini when she was 35 years old and look at her know. Amazing Story.

Click Here To Checkout Belinda’s Get Lean Program

Click Here To Checkout Belinda’s Get Lean Program

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