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April 13, 2013

Best Body Weight Cardio Movements

If the thought of yet another cardio session in the gym makes you groan, you might want to consider using some non-traditional methods of cardio to shake things up a notch and help you maintain good interest in your program.

Far too many people who are constantly adding cardio session after cardio session not only don’t see the results that they’re after, but suffer from overuse injuries as well.

By turning to a few unconventional methods of cardio training, you can avoid this from happening and see even greater gains to your fitness level.

Let’s have a quick peek into some of the best body weight cardio methods that you should think about adding to your program.

Do these either in their own session, or add them into your current strength training program before sets for an extra calorie boost.

Mountain Climbers

cross-body-mountain-climberMountain climbers are a terrific exercise that will really stimulate the core muscles while also working the hip flexors and shoulders at the same time.

This exercise is going to be good for helping to improve your lower body control since you will only be moving this area of the body while keeping the upper body stationary. Furthermore, you’ll improve your lower body muscular endurance in the quads, glutes, as well as hamstrings as each of these muscles will be contracting as you perform the movement pattern.

Burpees A With Push-Up

Next, consider burpees with a push-up. This exercise has a very high strength component, so works well for those who want to build full body power.

The burpee itself is going to work all the muscles in the lower body and with the added push-up movement in between each burpee you do, you’ll hit the chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps as well.

This makes it an ideal full body movement that will torch calories fast and improve your anaerobic cardio level.

Two-Knee-HighsRunning Knee Highs

Finally, running knee highs are another good cardio based exercise that you can easily do between sets if you want to create a more cardio-focused strength training workout.

When doing these, think of contracting the abs with each knee raise you do to fully work the core muscles as you bring your heart rate up higher.

Just be sure you are on a good surface when performing these to prevent the development of knee pain.

So give these a try next time you need a chance from your standard cardio workout program. Each will deliver you superior results that will help to get you in better shape quickly.

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