September 5, 2011

6 Tips to Staying Thin

Some people are naturally thin. Most people have to work to stay thin. It is not something that just happens, but something that requires a lot of hard work and effort to make happen. For those who need to put the time in to stay healthy, knowing what to do to make that happen can actually help you to reduce the effort you need to put into the process. Consider the simple fact that staying thin is not a given – it is something you have to do – but it is something you can do well.

#1 – Focus on Food

The first place to start is with the food going in. It is far easier to control the amount of food you eat than it is to burn those calories later. Focus on eating a lower fat diet that is rich in vegetables and lean proteins. Eat more green foods than any other food you consume, especially leafy greens. You also want to ensure you are eating a diet that has fruits and whole grains, too.


#2 – Keep Hydrated

Do consume enough fluids throughout the day. You should get at least enough to replace anything you lose through sweating. For most people, this is between 10 and 15 cups of water per day.




#3 – Do Consider the Colon Cleanse

Talk to your doctor about the benefits of doing a colon cleanse for your health. You may find that this is an excellent way to clean out your colon and to get rid of any extra toxins in your body. It can also help you to lose some extra weight.



#4 – Do Strength Train

Giving your body the nutrients it needs from food is important, but you also have to give your body the strong muscles it needs. Lean muscles burn through stored fat faster. Even when you are sleeping, your lean muscles are able to burn calories at a faster rate than muscles that are flabby. Strength training gives you that boost.



#5 – De-Stress

How does stress interfere with your weight? To stay thin, you do need to focus on ways to reduce the stress in your life. Over time, stress can cause you to eat too much or not to eat healthy foods. Stress can interfere with your overall health as well causing you to have high blood pressure.



#6 – Stay Active

Perhaps the most powerful tool for staying thin is simply to stay active. Activity keeps your body moving in the right direction. It helps you to burn through fat and keeps your heart healthy. Without activity, from sports, walking or just playing, your body is more prone to adding fat. Find things that you like to do and do it every day. Most people should have at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day.

You love your thin body. Maintain it. It is easier to maintain a thin body than to try to lose a significant amount of weight. Staying thin is work, but it is worth it.

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