August 22, 2011

5 Proven Ways to Stop Stress Eating for Good

Stress eating is one of the many things that can cause people to gain weight. What is it? What can be done about it? Stress eating occurs when a person feeling stress and tension from any aspect of life reaches for food as a way of reducing stress. The problem is it does not work. Eating foods leads to weight gain, which leads to more frustration. However, just realizing that is not enough. Most people also need to focus on ways to stop stress eating for good.

Learn to Stop Dramatizing

For those struggling with stress eating, one key way to slow the process is simply to stop being dramatic about it. If something goes wrong, take a deep breath and deal with it. Avoid carrying it on. Do not tell your friends about it. Do not fuel your anger and frustration by reliving the situation. This only worsens the effect and does nothing to solve the problem.

Avoid Taking Stress Personally

Criticisms, insults and other stressful things can lead to stress eating. However, you can avoid this level of stress simply by not taking it personally. Often times, those that offer such negative words are only struggling with their own inabilities. In other words, it is not you, it is them.

Get Physical about It

Stress eating also stems from pent up stress. In other words, you may be dealing with frustration after frustration. Nothing seems to be going right. One way to work through that is to work out. Exercise releases good hormones into the body and those good hormones help you to reduce stress levels. A good workout can be the perfect solution for reducing your stress levels for good. Be consistent about working out to see results.

Situations Are Not as Bad as They Seem

This is another common problem. Many people face stress and build it up into more than it really is. If you see stress building, realize it and find a way to walk it off. Avoid allowing your frustrations to get the best of you. In many cases, a stressful event can actually lead to a solution that is better than what you were doing. Sometimes, it can lead to improved happiness, too.

Realizing You Are Eating

As you walk to the refrigerator, stop and ask yourself if you are hungry. If not, do not open the door. Instead, ask yourself why you are eating. What is frustrating you right now? Acknowledging the problem is one of the foundations of improving your stress levels. It will also help you to stop eating when you do not need to.

If stress eating is what is causing your waistline to budge, find ways to solve the underlying problems. It may be a hard decision, but you may need to reduce the hours you work, eat better, get more exercise and just deal with the frustrations in your life. By doing so, you are less likely to reach for foods as a solution to managing your stress.

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