June 13, 2012

4 Exercises (Instant Relief)


I made a video for you on pain relief 🙂 When you watch it you will learn:

*   5 quick tips you can do right now for joint pain relief
*   4 exercise for instant back and hip pain relief
*   How our body is just like the internet and how we can create stronger connection
*   The “devil in the details” the little things that we do everyday that create MAJOR pain

There are many people suffering from back pain and joint pain and I am on a mission to help them because I was in the same position at one point in my life. Below is just one example.

“Since I’ve come to this program, I don’t take any drugs, I’m off all medications, I don’t have to go to therapy anymore. I’m more active, I could actually do things, I’m walking again. Before, I couldn’t walk;”

It might sound like some sort of magic.
Believe me, it’s not magic. It’s really just science.
But it’s a level of science that most healthcare professionals just don’t know about.
Doctors and other healthcare practitioners might be well educated in anatomy and physiology, but they don’t understand how things actually work when the body starts to move in the real world.
They have plenty of book knowledge and theory, but no understanding of how that theory is applied to the way the human body moves.
That is why I created a presentation so you can learn about how almost all pain manifests in the body and how you can prevent it. This particular presentation focuses specifically on back pain, but applies to everything in the body.


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