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September 7, 2010

Your Enemy is………….

In my opinion the biggest enemy to mankind’s progress is comfort. We as human beings naturally seek comfort. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and enjoying life as long as it’s planned comfort.

Imagine if the Wright brothers didn’t like getting uncomfortable. We wouldn’t have planes. Imagine life without planes.

What if Thomas Edison stopped trying to invent electricity? Everyone laughed at him and ridiculed him after he literally failed over ten thousand times. Edison didn’t give up. Imagine life without electricity.

As kids we all fell down hundreds of times. But still got up and tried walking again only to fall down again and again. But we kept trying.(side note: it’s hilarious watching Bailee walk. She looks like a drunk driver taking the sobriety test) 😆

Somehow as we get older when we fall down we want to quit, we want to give up, we want to make excuses. Why is that?


It’s not easy getting up early, it’s much more comfortable staying in bed and pushing the snooze button 37 times.(Trust me I struggle with that every morning myself)

It’s not easy going to the gym because it’s much more comfortable staying home watching reruns of your favorite TV show. (Entourage rules)

It’s not easy making healthy food decisions and planning your meals because it’s much easier and convenient for us to drive through In-N-Out and order #1 combo, animal style with a vanilla shake. (Elaine are you with me) Side note: I love In-N-Out as much as anyone in the world and occasionally do indulge.

As you can see as humans we got to learn to get comfortable with discomfort. We have to learn to embrace diversity. This is when we grow (not by height or I would have already been 7 feet tall not 5’4 and a half) Yes when you are as short as me every bit counts. 😆

All of us reading this post have gone through some hardship, discomfort, and pain only to come out a better person as a result.

How many times you looked back at a hard time in your life and say “I am glad that happened because it made me who I am today”.

When my baby girl was 6 months old we enrolled her in swimming classes with Cogua Aquatics. It was the hardest thing for me to see her cry.

Personal note: The first time she got her shots I started crying. I couldn’t stand seeing her cry.

Personal story: I almost drowned when I was 3 years old. It only takes a split second.

But look at my little 13 months old princess now she can swim like a fish. She and I both had to learn to get uncomfortable to reach our goal. I am hoping to teach her to learn to embrace diversity at a young age.

By the way I fully recommend Cogua Aquatics for swimming lessons. They can be reached at 909-234-1827.

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September 8, 2010

Elaine @ 10:18 am

OMG, Sam you did not put me on blast again. As I was reading this article I started to smile when I saw In N Out because as you know that is my weekness, minus the vanilla shake. And then I see you actually mention my name after the In N Out comment. Damn, you really are making sure I stay on the “healthy” path. Just yesterday I was wanting a double double but of course I refrained and I’m glad I did. Sam, you and Steve are a huge part of my success. I owe so much to you both. I feel amazing. I really do and we’ve only just begun. BTW, watch out because I’m ready to steal your money 🙂

Elaine @ 10:24 am

Oops, I made a typo..meant to say “weakness” not “weekness”.

Dr. Saman @ 1:43 pm

Elaine you are not going to take my money. I am going to win the bet. I am going to send In-N-Out to your work everyday and make you weak.

September 9, 2010

Elaine @ 8:27 pm

Mmmmm that sounds wonderful…you may send In N Out to my work starting September 21…that will be the day after I WIN… 🙂

Dr. Saman @ 9:11 pm

LOL. Funny Elaine. The whole world shall see

September 16, 2010

Jennifer @ 11:14 am

Elaine when you do indulge in In-N-Out after you hit your goal, when you sink your teeth into that burger take it slow and enjoy it…I bet you wil only be able to eat half the burger because your stomach will have shrunk so much so save the other half for little C!

Dr. Saman @ 2:14 pm

@Jennifer: You are so right. She will get sick if she eats like that all of the sudden(but don’t tell her), lol
And as far as little C. She is only little in stature but that girl can eat, drink and……. just joking she is my little
best girl friend.

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