October 31, 2011

Yoga and Men – They Do Mix and with Good Reason

Yoga is not the first type of exercise you will see on many men’s to do list. Looking at the foundation of this exercise regimen, though, you will clearly see that men have always made it a part of their health regimen. Today’s modern man is turning to using yoga, too, since it provides some of the most satisfying results. For men who have yet to try it, consider the numerous benefits it can offer to daily life.

Stress Busting Power

There is no doubt that many men do not like to admit they are under stress, but they are. In fact, it is quite common for men to feel overwhelmed daily in life and want a way to relieve that stress. Try yoga. Sitting quietly for 20 to 30 minutes per day, breathing in deeply and being quiet can do a lot to reduce your stress. It can help to reduce your blood pressure and improve your heart rate. It can also allow for a positive brain wave change. With yoga, you can simply relax and allow all of that stress to pour off you.

Make Yoga Part of Your Fitness Program

Yoga can be a perfect complement to your fitness program. Because it works to reduce the risks of heart disease and depression, it should be an important part of your regular fitness routine. While you may go to the gym to build muscle mass and work on the treadmill for cardio, you still need a way to tone. That is what yoga can offer.

De-Compacting Yoga

One of the ways that this method of exercising can work particularly well for men is because of its de-compacting effect on the body. Other examples of de-compacting on the body are gymnastics and swimming. In short, yoga works to stretch out your body again, after gravity pulls it down and compacts it. For those men that participate in activities that are one-side focused, like games like golf or racquetball, yoga can help to make your body more symmetrical again. It may not seem like it can offer much benefit, but by stretching and flexing those muscles, you are pulling them outward to their rightful position.

Flexibility Matters Too

For many men, age wears down flexibility. If climbing the stairs or standing up after sitting for a while causes you to grab at your back, it could be because your muscles are simply too tight. Yoga helps to improve flexibility throughout the body. Even for younger men this is a good thing because it allows them safely to play sports. It reduces the risk of developing injuries.

Yoga for men? It may not sound like a good mix but in fact, it provides numerous key benefits to everyone, even the man. For those men looking for a way to get back into shape, or to extend more flexibility to the body, yoga can be the tool that you use to accomplish just that. Could yoga improve your body’s flexibility and muscle strength?

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