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October 14, 2010

Why You Stopped Losing Fat

Why You’ve STOPPED Losing Fat

… And How to Fix It


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Problem Number 1-


Your Programming Sucks


Problem Number 2 –



You’re Still Doing “Cardio”


Problem Number 3 –


You’re Not Varying Training Styles


Problem Number 4 –


You’re Eating for Someone Else’s Body


Closing Thoughts

Whether it’s been a problem with lousy programming or a stagnant program,

incorrect cardio methods or Calorie formulas, or dealing with hormonal fat

storage, you now have the power to take steps to correct each issue and

accelerate your progress like never before.

And we’re not just going to leave you there – in fact, over the course of the

next week and half, I’m going to be sharing with you even MORE powerful

content to help you revive your fat loss, bust through any

plateau, and/or help you finally lose those last 10 Ibs of stubborn fat for


It’s gonna be a fun ride.

Talk to you soon,



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