March 22, 2011

Top 10 Butt Exercises

Top 10 Butt Exercises

The best exercises for a shapely butt concentrate on the development of the Maximus, your largest rear end muscle.

The other two important butt muscles, Medius and Minimus also need to be strengthened as they take the pressures of your hip movements.

In order to design your workout regimen for weight loss and butt shaping, you need to keep the following ten exercises in mind.

These are proven and time tested and have always yielded the desired results.

Begin with squats.

You have chair squats where you stand with your feet apart, back straight and try to squat as if making an attempt to sit in a chair.

Let your rear lightly touch the chair and press both buttocks tightly when rising.

The second exercise of your workout program is the Gluteus Kickback.

Get into a crawling position and push your chin forward.

Then slowly raise one leg behind till the foot is over your head and your knee is lifted to your torso height so as to make the upper leg horizontal.

With your hand, clench the buttock of leg raised as hard as you can and release gradually while lowering the leg slowly after holding it up for as long as you can.

Try again with the other leg.

You can do this workout ten to twelve times daily for effective results.

Among the exercises for butt shaping and development are Step Ups.

You need a knee high step or raised platform for this and you repeatedly need to step up and down on this, one leg at a time while pushing with your heel.

This will help tighten your buttock muscles as also the calf muscles of your thighs.

It is also good for the knees and prevents osteo-arthritis.

Alternately, lunges can be practiced if the back foot is placed on a step and the body thrown forward repeatedly in a rhythmic motion.

Lunges are effective for developing gluteus and thigh muscles.

You could also try Hip Extension exercises while lying with your face up on a ball.

Try lifting each hip, one at a time while keeping your balance on your forearms.

This can be done too, while lying face down on the exercise ball.

The One legged Deadlift helps develop the whole butt and lower back.

The straight leg deadlift works more on your body’s butt-thigh zone.

Keep your back straight always while doing it or else you will be prone to injuries.

This exercise is best done three to four times a week and resistance levels should also be high.

The other effective alternatives are hiking, running, walking, kickboxing and biking. These if practiced in their totality as part of your overall exercises routine, will certainly help in butt shaping and development. The more pressure you exert on your feet automatically translates to pressure being exerted on your hips and buttocks. Running and walking for example, tone up your leg muscles as pressure is constantly applied to the legs and lower part of the body.

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