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October 22, 2008

Biggest Recession Ever…How are you doing?

I was recently having lunch at Riverside Grill this past week. (For those of you who don’t know, this is one of my top ‘get-a-away’ restaurants locally in Chino, .) Anyways, sitting next to me was an old friend with his wife, and as we started to get talking, he had asked me how my gym was doing in “today’s’” economy.

Now before I share my response, I read something interesting that had caught my eye. It stated that allegedly 67% of Americans are unhappy with the direction this country is headed. So in essence 2/3 of the population just isn’t happy and wants a change. But what could we possibly be so unhappy about?

Hear what Ana Manley                                        Liz C. (Publisher, West Coast Media)

Bedros Keuilian                                                                & Andy Ronquillo
(President, Keuilian Health &Fitness)     (Executive Director-Chino Chamber of Commerce)
Could it be that we do not have water and electricity to get ready in the morning? Or maybe having thousands of restaurants with varying cuisine from around the world?Perhaps the thought of knowing that in the case of a fire, a group of trained firefighters will appear in moments to save you and your family? Or maybe you’re upset that as you watch your flat screen TV, if a burglar were to intrude an equipped officer would come to your aide? Possibly it could be that our neighborhoods are free of bombs & where 90% of teenagers own cell phones and computers? How about the complete religious, social and political freedoms we enjoy (that everyone else in the world envies). Could it be that a whopping 95.4% of us have a job? Might it be the wonderful nature we have? (Beach, mountains, flowers, sun, moon, etc.)

Starting to follow me now? Just in case you’re not…Being from Iran, we had to wait in a two hour line to buy bread. We had to hide in the basement because Sadaam Hussein was dropping bombs on us! We did not (and still do not) have freedom of speech or religion!

Fact of the matter is that we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats like Paris Hilton! She has never had to go through hardship to earn a dime and has had everything handed to her. The same goes for us in the United States. We are really the most blessed people in the world who do nothing what so ever, but complain about what we don’t have and/or what we hate about the country instead of being grateful that we live here! Just because we have to try a little hard, get a little more creative and go the extra mile to make money, all of a sudden we get lazy.

The only topic on people’s mind today is how bad the economy is, and how everything is just horrible! But stop for a minute and think, in America we are encouraged to borrow money and buy things on credit, where as in most other countries owing money is considered a bad thing. We bought houses that we couldn’t even afford, and now that we can’t afford it we blame everybody else but ourselves!

We blame others for suggesting (not telling) us how to spend our money, when in reality we are liable for our personal well-being and money. We sit around relying on the government to tell us it’s okay to start making money or stop spending and then in turn wonder why we are such in an instable position?!?!

Which leads me to wonder why everybody is constantly negative? (Everybody will watch a car crash, but how many will watch kids selling lemonade at the corner?) My point is that when you surround yourself around positive, grateful people you will in turn think the same way. All it takes is one look around you to see the vast amount of wonderful things you have. I am personally sick and tired of people complaining about how bad the economy is, and start to be grateful for all the things you have!

I quote my Pastor Chris when I say “We buy things we can’t afford with the money we don’t have to impress the people we don’t like”.Think about that!

This was posted by Dr. Saman Bakhtiar

Chino Hills Top Personal Trainer

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October 22, 2008

Bedros Keuilian @ 2:35 pm

Great blog Sam. Spot on.


Jonathan @ 3:56 pm

Amen. We need to stop crying about everything and suck it up and stop blaming everyone for all of our miseries. Yeah, we all got problems but we need to start looking at the positive!

Mo @ 5:14 pm

totally agree. I was born here and I am grateful for that. The following words from our star spangled banner get me every time: “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave”

Iliana Del Salto @ 7:18 pm

I own my mortgage loan office. I SHOULD be complaining about today’s economy, but definitely do not. Why not? Because I see that a big part of the problem, is negativity and the refusal to take responsibility for our actions, just as Sam has said. We didn’t complain when things were abundant. Why should we complain when things are tight? We simply need to make adjustments to our lifestyles the best way we can and keep a positive attitude. Sure, we have all been affected one way or another with a slow economy. However, I have found that a positive attitude, gratefulness for all the freedoms we have (again, just as Sam has said),and support from family and friends makes me see the TRULY important things in my life. And for the curious, yes, i have seen a great drop in my business and income. BUT, I am still working, still able to help people with their home loans, and STILL HAPPY TO DO SO!

October 23, 2008

GW @ 5:34 a.m. @ 5:39 am

Amen to that!! I was in line with a woman at the Social Security Office who said that the rich or well to do are suffering more than the less fortunate in that they do not know what is like to live on less. The poor people know how to stretch a dollar and make a meal out of scraps and left overs. I agree. We are the most blessed nation in the entire world!! Now that’s a mouthful! Let’s get back to basics when as our parents would attest to, the American dream was to own a tiny 2 or 3 bedroom house with one bathroom as long as our family was healthy and happy!

October 24, 2008

Toye @ 1:18 am

Amen! Eloquently stated!

Irene @ 7:31 am

Bravo Saman!!!

Once again you say “outloud” what many of us think. We are such an “immediate gratification” society that no one stops to just be grateful for good health and great relationships with God, family & friends. Our society makes it so simple to “spoil” via stores like Walmart which give great deals but people should realize it takes way more discipline to NOT provide everything to our children (or ourselves) just because we can. Many are not teaching patience and hard to work to achieve a reward. Just like weight loss, you have to work at it. As you suggested, people fail to enjoy the many “materialistic” possessions they’ve chosen to buy.

We should ask ourselves each morning, “am I going to be positive or negative today?”. If you say “positive” then the day will be so much better, if you say “negative” then you’re setting the tone for a humbug day. Your decision people!

Thanks again Saman fo your insight into a serious problem.

kghaf @ 8:24 am

While we can not dismiss people’s concerns with economy, family life, etc., encouraging others and reminding ourselves that more good can be accomplish by focusing on positive things. Recently my father passed away. While he was on his death bed, all the money and material things he had accumulated in his life time had very little value. It could not buy him a minute more or bring him happiness. What was most valuable thing for him at that moment and brought him contentment was his close relationship with God and his children. May we never forget the more important things in life and focusing on those positive things. Doing so will make us a happier person now and it will build in us a solid foundation that will totter with any economic situations.

Irene @ 9:16 am

Dear kghaf…

I’m very sorry about your father. Losing our parents is never easy…no matter how old we are.

Do whatever you need to do to help you through the many moments of grief.

J.Ghafoori @ 3:19 pm

Being young myself in school and even in college we are pushed so much to make tons n tons of money (which there is nothing wrong with that), but when it is at the expense of your lively hood and family it just isn’t worth it. I personally feel that we came into this world with no money, and we work our butts off to make it, and in a second it can all be lost! (Take for example the stocks, retirement plans , they crashed over night…Literally!) It is who we surround ourselves with, and our mental frame of mind that is going to get us places in life & keep healthier relationships. So don’t surround yourselves with ‘Haters’ but people whom ‘Congratulate’!!!

October 30, 2008

Rodd fom the Grill @ 8:59 pm

Today i sat with Sam in my restaurant & we talked about this blog, life, business & other subjects. Interesting that i been reading a book (The Pleasure Trap) that talks about how we humans are condition to be happy by getting more food, comfort, toys, vacations & so on. the diffrence between us American & the rest of the world we have become addicted to more, which means when there is less we feel like we are missing or lost something. but in reality we have gained more, more time take care of ourselves, more time to be grateful, time for cooking home meals & also spend more time with love ones. Instead most of us spend our time watching t.v. & agreeing with the rest of the nation about how bad it is. Well let me say its as bad as you make it, spend sometime saying hello to a strange or just smile the whole day cuz you have the time to do so.

November 6, 2008

Sonz girl @ 3:26 pm


I couldn’t have said it better… It breaks my heart to see a nation with hearts so far from our God, relying on government or a political figure to save us from circumstances we have created for ourselves, whether out of greed, selfishness etc… I am convinced the “excess” in this country is a result of hurting people trying to medicate with THINGS instead of God, validating themselves in what others think of where they live, what they drive, how they look and so on…
God meets our basic needs, why do we need more? Thought to ponder?

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