December 10, 2009

Three Greatest Enemies to Mankind


There are 3 enemies that merge to sabotage our hopes and dreams.

These have been the greatest enemies of mankind from time immemorial.

The first enemy is the comfort zone.


This is the natural tendency of most people to become comfortable and complacent in their current work or lifestyles, and to resist changing in any way.

But change is the law of growth, and growth is the law of life.


If you don’t move out of your comfort zone, you cannot make any progress.

Remember the more you do what you are doing, the more you will get what you got.

You must continually force yourself to move out of your comfort zone into your discomfort zone.


There is no other way to change or improve your life in any way.

The trap of the comfort zone is one of the greatest of all enemies of success and progress.
The second enemy you must face is called learned helplessness.


Learned helplessness is triggered by the fear of failure or by the fear of loss of some kind.

The fear of failure is the major reason for failure in adult life.

It’s expressed in the words I can’t.

Whenever you think of something new, different , risky or uncertain(Like starting an exercise program), you may immediately think of all the reasons why it’s not possible.

You may think that you don’t have the resources or the ability.

You may feel that you don’t have the money or contacts.


You will think of the possibility of loss of time, money or emotions.

The fear of failure make you freeze inside, like a deer caught in the headlights, and triggers the reaction of learned helplessness.

The way you get out of your comfort zone and overcome the fear of failure and helplessness is by setting big goals and then throwing your whole heart into their accomplishment .


Your ability to set goals and make plans for their success is the true master skill of success.

The third enemy of success is the natural tendency to follow the path of least resistance, to continually seek for fast, easy, enjoyable ways to do things.


Following this path leads to searching for get in shape quick methods and easy “way out”.

Anything worthwhile takes a long period of hard work and single minded concentration to achieve.

You must resist the siren song of the path of least resistance and discipline yourself to do what is hard and necessary to achieve the goals that are truly possible for you.


Check out some of our clients that moved out of that zone and had a huge success as well as my 21 contestants who gave video testimony as well as before and afters pics!!  Now that is out of the zone!!  I applaud everyone who makes that extra effort  in every aspect of their life (not just fitness) to move out of the Comfort Zone and gets a chance to taste more of what life has to offer!!

Lillian Walker


Lillian Walker

Scott Mclntyre

Scott Mclntyre

Scott Mclntyre

Christina Rivera

Christina Rivera

Christina Rivera

Michael Toncale

Michael Toncale

Michael Toncale

Mary Castillo

Mary Castillo

Mary Castillo

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Luis A. Font

Luis A. Font

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Ann Masters

Ann Masters

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December 10, 2009

Aileen @ 3:37 pm

Hey Sam!!

I always enjoy reading your blogs and announcements. They keep me motivated to stay healthy!!! Hope everything’s going well. As always you are doing a fabulous job with the community and admire the work that you and your staff do!! Keep it up!!!

All the best!


Aileen Orlino

Dr. Saman @ 3:51 pm

Hi Aileen,
How are you. We miss you here in California. Hope all is well in D.C.
Please stop and see us when you are in town.
Much love and respect,

December 11, 2009

graham Gayle @ 3:27 pm

How doI know these stories are true?

Im not being sarcastic!!!!!

Then why am I not like this? Im also getting tired of stories that go on and on about the same weight lost ideas. everyone claims they have the answer. How????

Dr. Saman @ 4:21 pm


I totally agree with you. Everyone seems to have the answer to weight loss. Weight loss is very simple it’s just a matter of creating energy deficit. There is only 2 ways to do that. 1
1) Move more (Exercise)
2) Eat Less

Graham, there is no magic pill out there. This is something you have to dedicate yourself to the rest of your life.(eating better and moving more.) Just like you take a shower everyday and brush your teeth you should make exercising and healthy eating a part of your daily life.

As far as the stories being true. I will be more than happy to introduce you to my clients anytime you wish.
Thank you so much for question.