August 7, 2013

Three Great Weekend Fitness Excursions

If you’re getting tired of hitting the gym day in and day out and want to incorporate some additional exercises into your fitness plan, weekend excursions are a perfect idea. These will get you out and active, all while bringing back the enjoyment that you may be missing in your workout routine.

While working with a good personal trainer is definitely vital to preventing workout boredom, sometimes it’s just a change of scenery that you really need.

Let’s go over some quick weekend activities that you should consider trying out that will all test your fitness level and take it to new levels.


The very first activity to get in is a simple hike up a local hilly area or mountain. Hiking is great because it’s lower impact if you’re a runner and are often pounding the pavement and it’ll also help to build up your lower body strength as well.

If you’re hiking quite intensely, you can easily burn up to 600 calories or more per workout, so don’t think that it’s one that won’t bring fat loss results – even though you’re walking, it’s still very intense.


Kayaking is another fun outdoor adventure to try out that will build up your upper body strength as well as your core.  Going out on the water can make for the perfect afternoon activity that will also provide great stress relief at the same time.

This sport will also test your reaction time quite heavily as you’ll need to be reacting very quickly to each wave that comes your way.

Road Cycling

Finally, the last activity to consider getting in is road cycling. Even if you do typically do cycling exercise while in the gym, getting out on a real bike and cycling on the open road will offer a while new experience to your training while boosting your fitness level dramatically.

You may even consider entering a cycling race if you really want to step your motivation up a notch and make sure that you stay fully committed to your program plan.

So next time you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, consider any one of these activities. They’ll all take your fitness up a step and add more excitement into your workout plan.

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