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January 3, 2010

The Master Skill of Success

Well,  the first week of the new year is here. Here is a quick post on how to reach your goals. At the bottom of this post I already shared with you my goals and resolutions for this year. Please share with me some of yours.

In a famous study in 1953, the graduating seniors of a major university were asked if they had written goals, and plans to achieve them, after they left the university.

It turned out that 3 percent had written goals and plans. 14 percent had goals but they were not written. The other 83 percent had no goals or plans at all, aside from getting out of university and going on vacation that summer.

Twenty years later in 1973, they followed up on the graduates in this study and asked them, among other things, about their financial situations. They found that the 3 percent of students who had clear, written goals and plans upon graduation were worth more than the entire 97 percent of graduates put together.


What does this experiment have to do with your fitness goals?


You see before we start an exercise plan, we must write down our fitness goals.


This automatically starts to program your subconscious towards achieving your goal.

Imagine that you have two drivers, each with a brand new Mercedes-Benz.


They both set to travel across the country toward a distant destination.


One sets off with no road map, navigation, nothing.

The second driver takes the time to plan his trip carefully using road map, navigation and getting advice from people who have traveled that path.

Which driver do you think will reach his destination on schedule??

The first driver might NOT even reach his destination.

Your fitness goals are pretty much the same.


People with clear, specific goals and plans that they work from each day, accomplish on the average, ten times the result as others who don’t have a clear idea of where they are going or when they want to get there.


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January 3, 2010

Dr. Saman @ 8:14 pm

Ok, Here are some of my goals for the year of 2010

1) Spend more quality time with my wife and my little daughter Bailee.
2) Only spend money on things that I needs NOT things that I want.
3) Don’t miss church (I go to South Hills in Corona)
4) Teach my daughter how to swim(thanks to Cogua aquatics)
5) Get back in shape. I want to be 185lb with 29 inch waist. Now I am 173lb with 29 inch waist. So I need to put on 12lb of muscle.
6) Read 4 books per month every month for the entire year.
7) Commit to have a good attitude NO MATTER WHAT.
8) Don’t sweat the small stuff
9) Remember everyone’s name that I come to contact with.
10) Become the best dad and husband on the planet.

Cindy Hornaday @ 8:48 pm

sounds great!! I don’t know if you remember me and my twin daughters, Marissa and Nicole. We were trying to schedule training with Fitness Concepts, What would be a good time to call you tommorow to see if we can reach an agreement on what my insurance will pay and what you will be charging me? I hope we can work something out that will be a win, win for all of us.


January 4, 2010

Dr. Saman @ 10:37 am

Of course I remember you Cindy. Hope you and your beautiful daughters had an awesome Holidays.
Please call me at your convenience 951-403-4186.

TeAuna Vigil @ 9:48 am

My Goals for 2010…

1) Commit 1 day a week for Family Fun night.
2) Find a new church
3) Pay down my debt to half of what I owe now.
4) Commit to 5 days a week at the gym.
5) Hit my weight loss goal…I want to weigh 145 and I currently weight 175.
6) Take my son to a Chargers game.
7) Take my daughter to a play.
8) Take my hubby to Vegas.

Now that my goals are out there I have no choice but to “Get R Done”. LOL Thanks Sam!

TeAuna Vigil

Dr. Saman @ 10:35 am

That’s right TeAuna,

Now you got to make it happen. GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

Georgette @ 5:57 pm

My goals for 2010
Reduce my weight 20 pounds
get in to a size 9 and stay there
continue meditating 1-2/day
create a Children’s Hour at a Chino Hills locale so Mom’s can socialize while I perform
meet and commit to my future lifelong partner by attending social gatherings I have signed up for.
Learn a new skill e.g. ceramics
redo my 2 web sites

Dr. Saman @ 6:20 pm

Thank you for sharing Georgette. If you need help with the website I have some awesome guys.

January 7, 2010

Marie Aguerre @ 8:22 pm

My goals for 2010 are:

1.) Reduce my weight by 55 December 15th, 2010. I plan on achieving this by joining the Fitness Concepts personal training program, working out 5 to 6 times a week with weight training and cardio exercises.

2). Eat healthier. This is probably my biggest demise. I will include fruits and vegetables in all of my meals. I will choose lean meats. Stop snacking mindlessly and cut my alcohol intake to a 4 oz. glass of wine a day.

3). I like what you wrote for your #2 goal Sam and that is to buy things only that I need and not what I want.

4). Learn to speak 10 complete sentences in Spanish by June 2010 with the help of Rosetta Stone.

5). Learn Windows Excel

6). Choose CSUF or University of La Verne and fill out papers for my teaching credentials.

7). Have dinner once a month with my parents

8). Make time for me and don’t forget me. All this sounds good up to the point that I forget about me.

9). Build 10 new client relationships this year while maintaining the current relationships.

10). Focus on organizing my time wisely. Write things down. accomplish them, and move on to the next thing so that I can spend quality, fun time with my main squeeze Dean.

Here are my goals. I think you guys can whip me into shape so that I can cross off the first two goals. Looking forward to getting on track again!!

Dr. Saman @ 9:11 pm


January 8, 2010

Suzanna @ 1:59 am

1) take care of myself…that’s why i signed up with Fitness Concepts!
2) build a closer relationship with God
3) be a positive wife
4) be a more patient mom
5) be efficient at work and not involve myself with gossip
6) pay off my student loans
7) teach my son a second language

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