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April 25, 2010

“The Biggest Loser Show”

A history about “The Biggest Loser Show” and why almost all of the people in the show never seem to keep the weight off after the show.


The Biggest Loser is a very popular television show in America.


This show awards contestants who loose maximum weight during a stipulated period.

This show has been a mainstay program in the NBC channel schedule.

The Biggest Loser show started in October 2004.


We all witnessed the contestants lost their weight very quickly under the guidance of their trainer.

This was enough to hook the attention of the viewers.

The incredible results amazed people and the popularity of the show spread like jungle fire.

The show, in its run over the years, has set some benchmarks.

Some such bench mark includes most weight lost in a week and fastest 100-pound weight lost.

However, the show has elicited adverse remarks from nutritionists and physicians.

They believe such methods of weight loss can be counter productive and at times maybe even fatal.

The question everyone wants to know is “is the weight loss permanent.

Some contestants from the first few seasons have a lot of interesting statistics to share with us.

Let’s study the case of Ryan, the season one winner.


When he came to the show he weighed 330 pounds. After competing in the show he lost 122 pounds, which was about 36.97% of his body weight. But soon after the show Ryan gained back all the weight he lost on the show. This is because the show taught him nothing about exercise and nutrition. He regained weight at an alarming rate – 32 pounds within 5 days of leaving the show.


Benson is actually considered a success for still keeping 30 pounds off for over a year. According to the National Weight Control Registry, “only a fifth of dieters with a history of obesity sustain a loss of 10% of their body weight for a year or more.”

He claims that as soon as the show was over, he regained “32 pounds in 5 days simply by drinking water.” This is incredible and points to the fact that when any person loses weight rapidly, (faster than 1-2 pounds a week) normally the weight loss is mostly due to water loss.
Where is Kelly Minner Now?


One former participant who is still losing weight after losing the show is Kelly Minner.

The first-season runner-up went from “242 lbs. to 163 lbs. by the finale and now weighs 140 lbs.”

How does she maintain her weight loss?

She exercises 6 days a week for 1 to 4 hours a day. I agree that exercise is definitely paramount to maintaining weight loss, but for the average person, exercising for 4 hours a day is just unrealistic.

With this kind of high exercise volume, I would also worry about the high risk for injuries that could end up stopping exercise altogether.

Kelly Mac, another participant, gained 9 pounds since the Season 1 finale. And now weighs 160 pounds.

Comedian Kelly Macfarland

Comedian Kelly Macfarland

Likewise Season 2 winner Matt Hoover who lost 160 pounds gained back 30 pounds when he appeared in the special.


Matt Hoover

In season 3 the winner, Brian’s weight came down from 308 pounds to 156 pounds.  Brian soon regained 47 of the 156 pounds he lost.



Read more about Bryan Hear…

Other participants of that season who regained weight were Pam and Wylie. They regained 8 and 32 pounds respectively.

Mark Wylie

Mark Wylie

Pam Smith

Pam Smith

Jim who lost 186 pounds in season 4 regained 40 pounds.


Twins on the Show


Sam Rouen

Sam Rouen, lost just over 157 pounds last year on the hit NBCshow.  He regained 11 of those pounds when as soon as he returned home but with a regimed diet & exercise is back on track.  He has enrolled back int University and is right on track!  To read more on Sam and his Success Click here

Why do most contestants of the show regain weight?

The main reason is that such programs adopt unrealistic and unhealthy ways of losing weight.

Most of the participants are made to undergo inappropriate exercises.

The technique of losing weight requires a natural environment.

Instead of losing weight in gradual progression the TV show encourages participants to adopt an aggressive approach – as if their world would come to an abrupt end. Not making ones body fit enough to progress to the next level of exercises, encourages the condition of over-weight to relapse. Most importantly, money cannot be a motivation to lose weight. Those who lose weight because of greed will gain it back sooner than later.

On the other hand though it can be a kick start & kick in the @#&!  To Jump start a new and healthy Life Style which is my Ultimate wish for each of the Biggest Loser Contestants as well as for all my  6 Week TBT People.  My( Total Body Transformation) Contestants.  Most all my contestants have continued on with me as I guide them thru their nutrition and exercise for a total lifestyle change.  Remember I am all about mindset!!  Check out My 1st 3 Contests

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Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is weight loss and fitness expert.

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May 21, 2010

Jean @ 10:33 am

Hi Sam,
I have watched The Biggest Loser since Season 1. I think for contestants gaining some weight back after the show should make sense. They are living in the real world again. I don’t think their tremendous weight loss should be discounted. I also don’t think the focus should be on the pounds but on the tremendous life changes they have made and their committment to living in a more healthful way which the majority of them appear to be doing. The Season 3 contestant who left you a comment and gained weight back was only on the show for 2 weeks. And yet, it sounds like she is blaming everyone else for her weight gain. If she doesn’t understand why she can’t keep the weight off, I think it would be more productive to stop blaming others and seek out some good professional help. There really is no great science to losing weight…burn more then you take in. I don’t think people in the real world should have the expectation they can loose what the contestants on the show are, at that rate. But I feel the show has been a tremendous positive influence on helping others begin and maintain a more healthy life. Every week they give tips on nutrition and exercise. Congrats to everyone who has dedicated themselves to a more healthy lifestyle!

Dr. Saman @ 1:08 pm

Hi Jean,

Thank you for leaving me a comment.

I don’t agree with you. While I think that the biggest loser show is great entertainment I don’t think that it is really showing America to lose weight and keep it off. Dehydrating yourself to make weight is not only cheating but dangerous as well.
Starving yourself and working out for hours is not a real solution to weight loss. Weight loss should include lifestyle modification that goes far beyond just physical exercise and diet. That is the real reason almost none of the contestants keep their weight off.

A more realistic show would be who looses the weight and keeps it off for in the long run. The person who keeps it off in the long run is the real winner in my book.

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