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November 23, 2012

The Best Bone Building Workouts

As the years go by, one thing that you need to be focusing on with your workout programs is doing whatever you can to promote the growth of strong bones.

Eating a diet that contains a good dose of calcium is going to be the first thing to do to ensure that you sustain strong bones, but in addition to that you should also be turning to some bone building workouts as well.

Let’s walk you through what some of the best bone building workouts are that you can do so that you can look at including these in your program plan.

Strength Training

The first bone building workout is strength training. Nothing beats this when it comes to building stronger bones because it’s as weight bearing as it gets.

Not only will you be lifting your own body weight while doing the exercise, but you’ll have added weight in the picture as well.

This makes it very ideal for keeping your bone density up as time goes on.


Second, running is also another good weight bearing exercise to do to help promote strong bones and decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

One thing that you do need to keep in mind with running however is that there are limits.

Some running is good and will help you build strong bones. Too much running however is an entirely different story.

If you’re overdoing it with your running, you can actually weaken the bones and set yourself up to experience stress fractures down the road.


The third bone-building form of exercise to consider is kickboxing. Kickboxing is a great form of cardio workout that will definitely get your heart rate up and will also help you work all the main muscles in the body as well.

It’s a good form of workout for helping you build more power in your body, increasing the results that you get from your training.

Kickboxing also helps to boost agility and flexibility as well, so you’ll get many benefits from doing these workouts regularly.


Finally, the last of the weight bearing activities that you should consider is skipping.  Skipping is perfect as it’s also higher impact in nature, so assuming you are bone-pain free at the moment, it earns top marks for strengthening the bone structure.

Furthermore, skipping is also one of the best calorie burning exercises you can do as well, so you’ll get great fat loss benefits from including it in your workout routine also.

So there you have some of the best bone building exercises to include in your workout regularly. Remember to always allow for some time off between these workouts as well so that after you stress your bones, you give them to build themselves back up stronger than they were before.

Rest is important for not only your muscles, but bones as well – don’t forget that.

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