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November 14, 2012

Taking A Closer Look At Protein Powders For Your Workout

One supplement class that you’ll definitely want to consider as you go about doing your workouts in the gym is a good quality protein powder.  As most people already know, protein is what lean muscle tissues are made up of, so if you’re in the gym each and every day breaking your body down, you will need the raw materials to start rebuilding it back up again.

That’s precisely where protein fits into the picture.

Protein is going to help boost the recovery you experience after any workout you do and also help to protect against lean muscle mass when on a fat loss diet plan.

That said, many people are falling short.  So, to make it easier to meet your needs, you can turn to a protein powder.  They’re fast, convenient, and come in a wide range of flavors, so you really can’t go wrong having one on hand at all times.

This said, not all protein powders are created equally, so it’s important to learn the differences so that you can make the smart choice on which one to use.

Let’s go over what you need to know.

Whey Isolate Protein Powder

The first type of protein powder that you’re likely to come across is a whey isolate protein powder.  These protein powders are designed to be fast acting in the body, so they’ll deliver nutrients at top speeds after a workout session. If you’re looking to promote a faster recovery rate after your workout, these are the protein powders to go with.

Isolates work great both before and after the workout and are typically lowest in both carbs as well as fats.


Casein Protein Powder

The second type of protein powder that you may come across is a casein protein powder.  This protein powder is unique in that it’s made from amino acids that are going to break down and digest over time, so they tend to keep you feeling satisfied much longer than a whey isolate would.

That makes these protein powders a much better option for any time during the day when you need a fast source of protein or for right before you go to bed and you want to make sure that your muscles are well-fed going into the overnight fasting period.

Casein protein powders also deliver a good dose of calcium as well, so that’s an added benefit you’ll get from them.

Weight Gainer

Finally, the last type of protein powder that you’ll likely come across is a weight gainer.  Weight gainers you will, for the most part, want to stay far, far away from.

They’re much higher in calories than a regular protein powder and often have added sugars or fats to them, which clearly won’t be desirable for anyone looking to burn off excess body fat.

The only people who may need them are those who are naturally incredibly thin and who can’t keep weight on their body.

Everyone else should avoid them.

So there you have the facts about which protein powders you should use and at which time. Get an isolate for around the workout and a casein for the rest of the time and you’ll be set for success.

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