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What You Doing Saturday Morning

September 16, 2010

What You Doing Saturday Morning

One of the most important thing in an exercise program is what I call the “fun Factor”. I mean if something is boring and you dread doing it then sooner or later you will quit. Just human nature. The problem is that “fun” workouts are usually ineffective. Remember your body only gets better when challenged. Fun and challenging are usually not synonymous. Think about this for a second, are you going to build muscle tone lifting a can of soda? Of course not because you already can do that and your body doesn’t need to build tone and strength to do something it can already do. Makes sense right? That’s why we have created an indoor boot camp to be effective and fun. Just look at the pictures and read some of the testimonials. 24 Sam: Just wanted to let you know that the first 14 days were awesome. (Especially the first 4 days thought I was going die LOL) I lost 8lbs. and 4% body fat according to my scale at home. I started at 243lbs. and 39% body fat and now I am 235lbs. 35% body fat and have 3 times the energy I did before starting your boot camp. I am going to continue with boot camp as I have a goal of 210lbs. by Nov. 19th. Oh and by the way I am 48years young. The classes with Alejandra and Judy are awesome they are kicking my rear big time. It is what I need though. I am loving the results so far. My girlfriend says she can see a big improvement. Thank You Gary

P.S. I have to admit I did cheet twice, last Wednesday with 2 slices of pizza and unfortunately Football Sunday( I will let you figure that one out). 22 I lost 2 lbs in weeks 1 and 5 lbs in week 2. For a grand total of 7 lbs in 14 days. Thanks Sam for including me on this beta test!!     Tina

26 I have lost 8lb in the first week and already feel it in my clothes. I can’t wait to lose the a total of 40lb in 12 weeks.  Sylvia 27

Every Saturday we have DJ LIKS spinning upbeat music at our Boot Camp. So bring a friend and let’s workout and jam. Nothing like starting your weekend in a positive note. See you ALL Saturday at 8am SHARP.

PS – Let’s hit my favorite place for breakfast after. Corner Bakery here I come please get my egg whites and oatmeal ready!!!!!

DJ LIKS can be contacted at 909-213-9700 or

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