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Welcome To Fitness 101

November 26, 2009

Welcome To Fitness 101

OK now that you are tired of stuffing your face with tasty Thanksgiving food(believe me I am one of them) it’s time to get back to business. Starting this Monday November 30th until January 4th I have a new fat loss campaign for you.

It’s called “Burn The Holiday Pounds” campaign. It’s a 36 day boot camp program that goes from November 30th to January 4th.

I am offering this once a year program for $149. This is the perfect program to keep the holiday pounds off.

We have 14 spots for this program. So if you are interested just email me at or call the office at 951-693-5303.


I’m sure it gets a lil overwhelming trying to sort out all of the factors that go into losing body fat. But let’s not forget that losing fat is simply a matter of creating a negative energy balance.


In other words, if we burn more calories than we take in on a daily basis, we’ll lose weight. Nothing earth-shattering about that concept. Yet, most people are so damned worried about what types of carbs to avoid, which cardio machine to use, how many reps and sets work best for weight training, if their Nike Shox match their Under Armour shorts or if they should rock the Pumas instead (okay maybe that’s just me)  😎


What NOT to Wear!!

What NOT to Wear!!

Our society is constantly searching for the next best diet, the greatest fat burning workouts, weight loss supplements, advice from fitness experts, opinions from everyday people on fat loss forums that couldn’t tell their a*s from a hole in the ground. 🙄


When the truth is, there are literally THOUSANDS of ways to successfully burn fat and lose weight. Some are far better than others, but nonetheless, there are a boatload of methods that can get the job done. What we forget is that it still comes down to burning more calories than we take in over a period of time.

Here are the 3 ways we can create a caloric deficit without injuring our brains by over-thinking the process:


-> Keeping everything else the same, we can create a negative energy balance by eating less food

-> Keeping everything else the same, we can create a deficit by exercising more (or more intensely)

-> We can both decrease our daily calorie intake AND exercise more (or more effectively)

So which is best?


This depends on the individual, but assuming no one enjoys starving themselves day in and day out…and assuming most people are too busy to workout 10 hours each week…I’d recommend both cutting caloric intake and burning more calories through your workouts.

Think about it like this – creating a deficit of 1,000 calories per day simply by eating less and without changing anything else, you will have theoretically burned off an extra 7,000 calories in 1 week. This would equal a whopping 2 lbs of body fat. Not very impressive at all…and just think about eating 1,000 LESS calories each day for an entire week – not cool.

That last paragraph pretty much sums up why people who only crash-diet almost always fail in the long run. It’s flat out too hard to be that disciplined for much longer than a day or two, let alone the months it would take to make significant body transformations.

Exercising more, without changing anything else, would probably be an easier option, at least for me. But again, I could only last so long before I’d get lazy or burn myself out…not to mention I hardly have time as it is. Plus, you have to workout like an absolute maniac to burn an extra 1,000 calories per day.

It should be clear by now that the best and fastest way to lose body fat – both short term and long term – is to lower the amount of calories you’re eating AND burn more calories through working out.

In theory, the more calories you cut through diet and the greater the amount of calories you burn through exercise, the larger the energy (nerdy term for calorie) deficit you create…and the faster you can burn body fat.

Always remember this simple equation and if you’re not getting the fat loss results you want, stop overthinking it – you’re either putting too much sh*t in your mouth, not exercising properly (this could be not working out consistently, not exercising hard enough or not following the right workout plan) or both.

Trust me when I say there’s no hex on you, your genetics aren’t the reason behind your failed fat loss and you’re not doomed…it just takes an honest, no-nonsense assessment, a  few tweaks to your nutrition plan, workout routine or both…and you’ll be on your way to a tight body in no time. It really IS that simple.

Thanks for joining me at Fat Loss 101.


Class dismissed.

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