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June 1, 2011

Crack Doctors, part 3

Not all doctors are qualified to practice medicine. After surveying thousands of physicians, researchers at  Massachusetts General Hospital found that 17 percent had direct personal knowledge of an impaired or incompetent colleague in their hospital or practice over the last three years. There are many more doctors who may appear like a legitimate medical professional to colleagues, but behind closed doors, break a number of protocols.  As you’ve learned so far in our three-part series about how to avoid crack doctors, they are doling out pills like candy and rushing you along to surgery without discussing the possible risks involved. Here are some other tips to help you avoid crack doctors and lose weight a healthy and natural way.

Tip #1: Avoid crack doctors who cannot show you evidence of their credentials. Always ask who they are certified by and go to the certifying body’s website to verify the doctor’s identity. You’d be surprised how many doctors produce bogus certificates and claim association with a particular organization when, in reality, they have no such ties at all! In California, you may also use the  Medical Board of California Look-Up.


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