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Vacation Workout Routine

July 20, 2011

Vacation Workout Routine

Gyms have become a popular place to improve your body, but what if you cannot visit a gym?But what if you are on vacation!!!

Yes, you can indeed get a great workout with your own bodyweight at home or in a nearby park. Plus, most of the gyms that are choc a bloc with the latest fitness machines are no match for good old bodyweight training! I am yet to find a treadmill that can help one lose fat faster than a tough bodyweight circuit workout.

For some, bodyweight training involves mainly some joint mobility type exercises along with some stretching and some other light exercises. Now if this is what you think about bodyweight training then it’s a shame, because bodyweight training can be far more intense than this. Try doing 50-60 full push ups in a row, 150-200 squats, or 25 fast paced burpees in a row and you will understand why.


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