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Toning Your Core Muscles the Start – Where It Starts

October 12, 2011

Toning Your Core Muscles the Start – Where It Starts

Toning your core muscles is an important part of getting fit. It has been one of the foundations of getting a flat abdomen and just boosting your overall body shape. Some new research indicates that people do get enough tightening up of the abs just from daily life. Many people sit at desks or spend time in front of computers all day. These types of actions help to tighten up the abdominal muscles. Those muscles are being contracted. The problem is that your back is not being used in the right manner.

It’s In The Back

For those who currently are working on abdominal crunches and trying to reduce the amount of flab in this area, keep doing it. However, do not forget about your back in the process. The back is the core portion of the body that often gets neglected in workouts. However, by tightening it up your core from the back outward, you may accomplish more.


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