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These 5 Healthy Things Could Be Hurting Your Energy Level

October 10, 2011

These 5 Healthy Things Could Be Hurting Your Energy Level

It is hard to believe that the healthy activities you are doing right now could actually be causing you to have little to no energy. By making a few key changes to the way you live a healthy life, though, you could see a significant boost in your overall health and your energy.

You Are Drinking Water While Exercising

There is no question about it, water is critical to have available to your body during a workout. However, are you giving your body enough water prior to your workout? If you lose just two percent of your body weight from fluid loss, you will see a significant reduction in your body’s ability to perform both on and off the field. Try to drink 16 ounces of water before you workout.

You Stay in Bed a Bit Longer on the Weekends

It feels good not to set the alarm on a Friday night. However, sleeping in can often backfire and leave you feeling groggy during the day. This is sleep inertia. When you get up at the same time each week, on the other hand, your body is able to wake faster. Too much sleep can push you into a deeper level of sleep and make you feel tired throughout the day.

You Eat a Big, Healthy Breakfast

After eating a great breakfast, do you feel that sudden lull in energy levels? You may be eating too much or you may be eating the wrong foods. Keep in mind that breakfast should not contain a lot of fat or many calories. You do not want that glucose spike to happen. A good option is two eggs, with some toast and fruit – and to keep the calories low.

You Keep the Cardio Level High

You are trying to push harder so instead of stopping and stretching, you keep your cardio workout going a bit longer. The problem is that you are not giving your muscles enough time to recover. That directly leads to soreness. Rather than allow that run down feeling to happen, do a full body stretch after you workout.

You Just Don’t Snack

It sounds like a great way to ensure your calorie intake is less, but it can backfire on you. The best way to keep your body going and your energy high is to have portion-controlled, high protein snacks throughout the day. Doing so helps to keep your energy levels high because it stabilizes your blood sugar levels. Try some string cheese, for example, or go with a whole-wheat pita with some cottage cheese and carrots in it. You do not have to eat a lot to see improvements.

For many people, a focus on good, healthy eating and moving is important. The problem may be in how you do so, on the other hand. Take the time to look at your health habits. Are they leading to the energy burn out that you are feeling throughout the day? If so, a few tweaks can help.

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