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The Most Important Times To Eat

May 15, 2010

The Most Important Times To Eat

The Most Important Times To Eat

It’s true that the grueling workout you’ve invested at Fitness Concepts will stimulate your muscles to get more toned and stronger.

But ultimately it’s your diet that will provide the “building blocks” for this to happen.


However, there’s more to a “get toned” diet than mountains of canned tuna and protein powder.

Timing your meals just right will provide you with a competitive edge that will allow you to build muscle tone faster and help burn those extra layers of fat covering up your hard work.

Here’s how…

Early Morning

When you wake up, you’re at the end of a 7-9 hour fast and your muscles are screaming for nutrition.

Start off with a potent protein drink for fast absorption mixed with some complex carbs for fueling your day.


1-2 Hours Before Your Workout

You’re about to send your muscles into the “combat zone” so shouldn’t you provide them with the ammunition they need to “take the hill”?

Load up on some complex carbs that will provide the long lasting fuel you’ll need to power through your intense workout.

Add a full dose of protein to provide a ready source of amino acids and give your muscles a head start on the growth process as you stress the muscle cells during your workout.

Immediately After Your Workout


You’ve used up the glycogen (stored carbohydrates) in your muscle cells as fuel for your workout and if you don’t replenish them fast, you’re bound to short circuit your growth.

Within 30 minutes to an hour after your workout you need to down a high protein, high complex carbohydrate meal.

Your body can absorb nutrients 3-5X faster than it normally would.

So go ahead and make good use of this.

Before Bed


You’re about to enter another long period of fasting at bedtime, but it’s also a prime time for your body to repair and build muscle.

The problem is that your metabolism slows way down when you sleep so a large meal before turning in has the potential to trigger fat storage.

To provide the building blocks your body needs for growth while minimizing fat storage, eat a light meal consisting of slow-digesting protein and some essential fats for optimal hormonal production when you are sleeping.

Avoid carbs late at night since you are probably not going to burn them due to decreased activity.

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