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January 22, 2010

Rocky Balboa Motivational Clip

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January 15, 2010

Lauro Arroyo Testimonial



From: Laura Arroyo

Month end report It will be one month on Monday the 14th since joining Fitness Concepts, and Id like to share with you my experience thus far.

I am very pleased with my trainer Steve, from the beginning he attentively listened to my concerns and purpose of joining.

In addition Steve sends me text message’s to remind me of healthy eating choices and extra motivation.

It’s nice to receive these on your off days too.

My trainer has made it very accessible to reach him and I really appreciate it.

For example, I was grocery shopping on my non workout day and had a question.

I text my trainer Steve and sure enough he answered my question in a timely manner and helped me make a more nutritional, healthy choice.

I have actively worked out prior to joining, and was at my plateau.

I would spend two hours at the gym, bored of my same routine.

What’s worse no new results.

My time training here at Fitness Concepts with Steve, (30 days) I have felt amazingly energized,light on my feet and the passion to workout has returned.

My body feels like changes are happening, Ive lost 4 lbs and feel awesome!

Just the other day my mom said wow, your arms look like back when you were in high school!

Oh and your butt is not so saggy anymore. LOL!

Leave it to family to tell it to you like it is.

Oh and high school for me is over 17 years ago so you can imagine how thrilled I was.

I am excited to see my month end results and measurements.

In this busy day of life I am especially thankful for, Dr. Saman Bakhtiar alternative ways of keeping the lines of communication open.

The blog’s, live ask Dr. Sam, and the email’s of support and tips, it really has helped me with my eating plans and road to obtaining my healthy lifestyle.

Wow, and this is only the beginning.

Until then I will continue to train hard, eat right and put into action everything I am learning as a client of Fitness Concepts.


Laura Arroyo

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January 10, 2010

The Energy Vampires

Pssst……Have you ever been around negative people?

You know the ones that suck all the energy from you and everyone around you.

That one person who has a problem with you but rather than confronting you talks to everyone else around you but you.

I would love to know on the comment section below how you deal with “Energy Vampires”?  I would also like to know do you agree with me firing these clients or should I just leave them alone and let them bring down everyone in the gym? Please comment below as I need your help on this.

Below I am going to share with you why I  don’t mind “firing clients” every once in a while (It has happened only 3 times in the past 11years).

Honor & Integrity


First let me explain our  motto here Fitness Concepts:

1) Have fun: This is something my mother taught me. ” Do what you love and you never have to work another day in your life.” I absolutely LOVE what I do. I get to change my clients lives through exercise and better nutrition. My clients live a healthier, happier lives and they are forever grateful. To me that is so empowering. I was talking to my friend Dr. Unger the other day (Dr. Unger is a top metabolic doctor in the area) and he said ” Sam your role in the patient care is just as important as ours”.

2) Deliver excellent results: That’s the bottom line. That’s where the rubber meets the road. At Fitness Concepts we not only assign you to one of our excellent personal trainers but I also will personally teach you nutrition(which accounts for 70-80% of your results). Our clients also have a scheduled appointment with my staff to weigh and get their body composition tested every week to make sure they are on track.

3) Provide excellent service and always over deliver: We at Fitness Concepts provide complimentary bottles of water and towel service, send out weekly educational blogs to help you stay motivated and on track,  provide you with the best equipment that money can buy, maintain our equipment impeccably to assure our clients get the best possible service.

4) Always strive to improve our service and product: All Fitness Concepts clients have my email address and phone number in case they have any questions or concerns about anything that pertains to their program. We always welcome any suggestions to improve our product.

5) Make money: Did I dare say that? Don’t we all have to make a living? The reason we have been SUPER successful is because we deliver RESULTS.  We are not the cheapest  but we are the least expensive(not the same thing).


Now let me explain to you why we have to “fire” clients  or “refuse services”  every once in a while

1) If a client comes in one day and just doesn’t have anything positive to say about anything and anyone it could be just that they are “having a bad day”. We all have bad days and that’s very understandable. But if they are having a “bad everyday” and draining the energy from our staff and other clients then that particular client is not a good match for us because it violates our motto of having fun at work.

2) Can someone get excellent results and service and still not be happy.  ABSOLUTELY!!! I had a client that lost over 60lb and  totally changed his health and physique but still managed to complain about every little thing (music in the gym, someone was busy and forgot to say hi as they walked in, pricing,  etc……)  to everyone else around but me. The funny thing is that he/she once told me that they have tried for years to get in that kind of shape with no luck and that Fitness Concepts was one of the better investment he/she has made. You see even when our 2nd motto is to deliver excellent results that might not be enough.

Never Satisfied


3)  Even if you come in under budget and over deliver, this client just isn’t happy with any of his trainers or results(They would probably complain if it was free).  I understand that not every person is a perfect match, but come on!!   He may have something in  mind that they just can’t communicate, and when you don’t deliver this idea that lives in his head, he’s disappointed.  Even if they have gotten results they still are complaining that something isn’t right.

I am not a mind reader!!

4) As a business owner all I can do is to make myself very accessible to all your clients. After all everyone of my clients gets my biweekly blog posts to educate and motivate them(if they need to talk to me all they have to do is push reply).  I am always in the gym, my personal cell phone number is on the front desk on my business card and I am always available to meet with my clients to answer their questions and/or concerns. It is very frustrating as a business owner to find out that a client is not completely satisfied with your services through other clients. The only way I can make sure my clients are happy is through communication.

But hmmm……….NO, ,NO, NO I remember  that movie w/ Mel Gibson


We strive to have a very upbeat and friendly atmosphere at Fitness Concepts. Click here to see hundreds of written testimonials

A client who constantly berates you or your business is not a client that should  be at the gym.  So why do they come??  That client like a tornado will suck up all the positive energy.


For some reason in today’s society no one wants to confront you and tell you their true feelings. Instead they expect you to read their mind. If you don’t read their mind most people rather not say anything, or talk to others about issues that they have with you.

Let me ask you a serious question? If I had an issue with you or your business wouldn’t you want me to come to you regarding the issue and give you a chance to correct it? Or would you rather me talk about my issues with everyone else but you? (Please leave me your thoughts on the comment section below the blog)

These people know your job better than you
Losing weight is easy. Building muscle is even a simpler concept.   Just pick up the weights and start lifting, once that gets easy move on to heavier weights.
Why should I pay anybody for that?
Any one can do it!!  My cousin Vinny can show me that.   In that case I should hire that client to train me.  Or better yet their cousin Vinny!
Not Being Upfront and honest

Trust and integrity are a vital element to any good business relationship. Finding out a client hasn’t been upfront with you is a huge disappointment. Actually their complete honesty is in fact crucial to their success and health.
My personal satisfaction is getting everyone to their optimal shape and health.  Seeing them blossom, this effect seems to be a domino effect and my clients share positive results in other areas of their life!!  This is what drives me and I love it!!   My own health and sanity are at stake when I go round and round with a client trying to help them and they aren’t being straight and upfront with me.



Firing a client may be an uncommon step for most businesspeople, but if a client is causing me, my staff & clients as well as my business undue hardship or loss, it is probably time to say goodbye.

I would love to know your input in dealing with “The Energy Vampires” on the comment section below.


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Diamond Bar Personal Training

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January 7, 2010

Goal Setting Made Simple

Here is what I call the Bakhtiar Formula for setting goals and accomplishing them.

Bakhtiar Formula
1. Decide exactly what you want and write it down in the present tense.

Be specific.

Your goals should be clear that a child could read it and explain it clearly to another child.

(I need to lose 19 pounds of body fat, I need to get my waist down to 30, etc….)

Young Girl Writing 4

2. Set a deadline for the achievement of your goal.

Because of the fear of failure many people set vague and unrealistic goals and avoid committing themselves to a timeline.

As a result they have no benchmark or standards to measure their progress, and they eventually give up and quite.

( I am going to lost 19 pounds by March 1st )


3. Determine the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal.

Identify the major constraints that hold you back from achieving your goal at the present time.

Fully 80 percent of the reasons you are not achieving the goals are internal.

They result from your lack of some quality or ability, which is largely under your control.

Only 20 percent of your obstacles or difficulties that are holding you back are external, in other people or situations.

(Lack of time? Manage your time better, lack of knowledge? Hire a coach, Lazy? Get off your a**, etc….)


5. Identify the people, groups, and organizations whose cooperation you will require to achieve your goals.


6. Make a plan out of your answers in the previous questions.

A plan is the list of activities organized by sequence and priorities.

A list organized by sequence means that you decide what you must do before something else.

When you organize your list by priority, you decide whats more important on your list and what’s less important.


7. Take MASSIVE ACTION on your plan immediately.

Step out in faith.

Once you begin, do something every day that moves you in the direction of your most important goal.


Dr. Saman Bakhtiar Phillips Ranch personal trainer and Gym owner always taking a personal interest in each client!

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