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January 4, 2013

Setting Smart Fitness Resolutions In The New Year

new year fitness planIf you’re about to get set to start up a brand new fitness plan in the New Year, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind regarding the resolutions you use.  Far too many people start feeling overly ambitious at the first of January and think that they’re going to start on some extravagant plan, only to find themselves falling right off the bandwagon two weeks into the month.
How can you make sure that this doesn’t happen to you? What’s the fastest way for you to see success with your resolution this year?

Let’s go over some important tips that you should know.

Be Realistic

The very first thing that you must make sure you’re doing is being as realistic as possible with your goal setting.  If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before, don’t choose a workout program that requires you to attend the gym 5 days per week. Chances are you just won’t stick with it.

Be realistic for where you are at in your fitness level and what you can in fact accomplish. Remember that you can always increase the intensity of the goals you set as you go along.


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December 24, 2012

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Jen

Sam: Hey, everybody. What’s going on? It’s your boy, Sam. I’m with Jennifer. How are you, Jen?

Jennifer: Good.

Sam: So Jen, saw one of her friends doing our six weeks challenge and now she’s here. Oh, wait a second. We got Vicky over here. She’s another six-week challenger. Get it on Vicky. Vicky, don’t try to hide. Don’t try to hide. You got to get out. Yeah. You’re on the six-week challenge too so we got you on camera already.

Vicky: Yes.

Sam: All right. So Jen is going to weigh in right now. We already got the pictures. And what’s her due date?

Armando: That would be …

Jennifer: January 22nd.

Armando: 22nd, yes.

Sam: January 22nd, and today is …

Armando: The 12th of December.

Sam: So 12th of December, January 22nd. Let’s see what you got, Jen. Let’s look at what you got. Let’s see it quick.

Jennifer: Don’t!

Sam: Don’t freak her out.

Armando: All right. She’ll have to step off and get back on again.

Sam: Oh, you already made the weight in one day. See?

Jennifer: Yeah, I see. I lost …

Sam: OK. Let’s jump on.

Armando: Jump on.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: 152.4. So we got to get to 132.4, January 22nd.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: OK. Are you ready to do this? OK. Let’s do it.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: Awesome.

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December 23, 2012

Important Points To Know About Working Out While On A Low Carb Diet

If you’ve decided to adopt a low carb diet plan as you go about your weight loss program, there are some important adjustments that you’re going to need to make to your workouts as well.

Low carb diets do have a specific workout protocol you need to follow as they are the most restrictive diet out there in terms of what you can handle physically.

Let’s go over what you need to know.


The very first thing that you should be doing is making sure that you time your carbs well.  Depending on the low carb diet approach you’re using, if you are going to be eating some carbs – say 40-50 grams per day, place the vast majority of these right around any workouts you’re doing.


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June 28, 2011

Balanced Diet Awareness

Balanced Diet Awareness




Obesity has turned out to be the biggest epidemic in America.

Other Countries believe, that today America is a country of fat and extremely lazy people.

This alarming growth of weight affects people of all age groups.

A recent study shows that Americans showed significantly higher rates of diseases that are related to obesity compared to Britons.


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