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One Man’s Journey

March 30, 2009

One Man’s Journey

Okay, I am having a good old fashion give-a-way.

Every day many of you turn to me for cutting edge fitness and fat loss tips. But this time I want YOU to give me (and the thousands reading) YOUR best fitness and fat loss tips that has worked for you.

I want to make this blog post a big resource for fitness and fat loss tips, generated by YOU.

So, I decided to reward three people with the best fitness and fat loss tips, with 1 MONTH OF PERSONAL TRAINING AND $100 IN CASH!

All you need to do is:

-Share your three favorite fitness and fat loss strategies with us in the comment box below (like Michael Troncale).

I decided to give everyone one more week to share their top 3 strategies for fat loss and muscle tone. I will announce the top 3 winners 4/26/09.


Below are my FIVE TIPS for people to lose weight.  For me, however, it was not just about losing the weight, but changing my lifestyle, so I hope the tips are helpful to others.


1.)    Get motivated: If you are overweight, then find something deep inside of you and use it to drive you everyday to meet your weight loss goals. For me, it was the birth of my son and losing both my parents to cancer. Whatever it is, find and use it.

2.)    Get to a doctor: Once you’ve decided to lose the weight, then it’s time to get your blood work done. This will allow a doctor to see if there is anything that is holding you back medically from losing weight. For me, this was extremely important. My doctor found that my thyroid was not working properly and wrote me a prescription to treat the condition.

3.)    Get help from professionals: There are so many professionals that can help you get started and jumpstart the process of losing weight, and they are probably only a few miles from home. Specialty gyms and weight loss clinics are all viable options, if they can teach you how to eat.  You just need to spend time researching the options in your area, pick a program and stick with it.  We are all lucky to have Fitness Concepts in our area to meet this need.




4.)    Get to the table: You have heard it before because it’s true. You must eat six or even seven meals a day in order to lose weight.  If you love to eat, then this is the perfect plan! Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours and you will be amazed how much you get to eat on the proper nutrition plan, which should include protein, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

5.)    Get a Trainer: The proper nutrition plan is one thing, but without a trainer to teach you how to work out you are only solving half of the problem. The proper form, the right amount of weight, the number of reps and mix of exercises are critical to meeting your weight loss goals. People who think that they can go this alone and train themselves are wrong – and I am walking proof.  Early on, I tried to do it myself and never lost any weight. After just three workouts with my trainer, I realized what a waste of time training alone was. If you take one thing away from me, please remember you                                                                       can’t do this alone.

Michael Troncale

Fitness Concepts Client & Chino Resident

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