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April 10, 2013

HUGE Surprise ;)

I have a HUGE surprise for you.

But first….

We all think we have more time to achieve our personal and professional goals.

So we PROCRASTINATE doing what we know we should do.

For example, almost 80% of Americans are now overweight.

Nearly everyone of them thinks they will start losing weight next week, next month or next year.

They plan on eating better, exercising and taking better care of themselves.

But year after year they don’t quite get around to it.

Getting in shape remains only a dream to them, because they are asleep to their own reality.


Everyday that you let slip away is a day that can never be retrieved.

And everyday that passes brings us closer to the end of our limited time on earth.

You have a choice.

It’s not easy…

But nothing worthwhile is.

You can do it.

I believe you.


PS – I have a very special surprise guest teaching Friday 9am boot camp session. He is one of TOP fitness professionals in OC and the dude is HARD CORE. I MEAN HARD CORE. So let’s represent Chino Valley and show them OC people what’s really up.

PPS – If you missed my partner’s email yesterday about the upcoming event. Here it is again.

Cheat meal potluck Thursday 4/11-PLEASE rsvp (respond to this email) letting me know if you will attend. It’s taking place in Chino at 6pm (no 6 and 7pm sessions that day, regular schedule in Rancho).

We have a DJ and everything. Should be a good time.

– Join us on the MS walk (5K in Ontario starts at 7am on SAT, 4/20


If you sign up to be on our team you will get a free tank or tshirt to rock that day!

====> Sign up and register HERE
Team Name: Fitness Concepts

-Next Grocery Store tour is 4/23 at the Sprouts in Rancho at 6pm

-Next Nutrition Session is 4/24 at 6pm in Chino

ALSO, we are kicking off a Fit RanX testing (basically testing your fitness level).

We had such great results when we offered Beast and Alter Beast Mode testing 3 months ago we decided to offer you an organized program with 8 different ranks to work toward. We will be testing once a month, let your trainer know if you are interested. You don’t have to be a super athlete to test, the levels are broken up from beginner to advanced. It’s a great way to track your progress and work toward a goal.

1st Test date is Saturday, May 11 at 9:30am.

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March 5, 2013

Recovery Supplements To Consider

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you must not be overlooking is your recovery ability.

faster recovery

This in turn leads to faster overall rates of progress. But, if you hit the gym before you are fully recovered from the last session, you’ll actually move back in progress and cause yourself to potentially lose lean muscle mass.

So, as part of the recovery process, one thing to consider is the various supplements that are available on the market today.

Let’s take a look at the top picks to choose from.

Whey Isolate Protein Powder


The first good supplement that you will definitely want is a high quality whey isolate protein powder. When you finish an intense workout, you need to get amino acids to your muscle tissues and you need to do so NOW.

A chicken breast, piece of steak, or piece of fish is simply going to take too long to digest. While they would be better than no protein at all, an isolate whey protein powder offers superior results.

It’ll get broken down and digested very rapidly.


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March 1, 2013

Chino Hills Boot Camp – 6 Week Challenge Result – Michelle

Sam: 147.2. Perfect. Perfect. So, we got to – in six weeks, we got to get you down to 130?

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: OK. Let’s do this.

Michelle: OK.

Sam: Good morning, Michelle.

Michelle: Good morning.

Sam: What’s happening?

Michelle: Doing good.

Michelle: Oh, my God! I just look at your before picture like six weeks ago and I can’t believe how much – I mean like you have improved – I mean like you can see your waist, I mean your hips.

Michelle: I have a chin.

Sam: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s funny like you know, yeah. And you look absolutely amazing.

Michelle: Thank you.

Sam: I know you’ve been coming here. You’re working hard. I know it’s not easy with the family and all that kind of stuff. So six weeks ago, you weighed in about 147.2 or something like that, right?

Michelle: Yup.

Sam: OK. And now, it’s six weeks later. Let’s see how much weight have you lost. 136.6. So you lost about 12 pounds in six weeks. Now, tell me how your clothes are fitting?

Michelle: I fit in to pants that I haven’t got to wear before I had my babies.

Sam: Oh my God!

Michelle: They just totally fit. I’m buying – I have to buy smaller sizes now. My pants were too big.

Sam: So, what are people thinking? I know like people are probably like looking at you and like, “What the hell are you doing?”

Michelle: It’s the first thing that people – they asked me like, “Have you lost weight? What are you doing? Are you on a diet?” And I said, “No, I’m not on a diet.” Because to me a diet is something you do and then you stop but I just cleaned up my eating habits.

Sam: Good one, kid.

Michelle: And eating when I’m supposed to be and working hard every day.

Sam: So I mean, I’m looking at your arms and shoulders now, looking at that, I mean they’re so much, so much more toned. So we’re really proud of you.

Michelle: Thank you.

Sam: Being a mom and coming here and putting all you got on the line. And this kid right there, she’s another 6-week contestant that graduated. She’s killing it right now. So we’re just getting people in shape. Thanks Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you.
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February 28, 2013

Chino Hills Boot Camp – 6 Week Challenge Result – Brandy

Sam: 187.5, right?

Brandy: Yeah.

Sam: So in six weeks, you got to get down to 167.5.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: OK?

Brandy: OK.

Sam: So you know what the deal is. You know what the deal we made, right?

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: I have it on camera.

Brandy: You do.

Sam: This will hold in court of law.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: All right. Brandy, what’s happening?

Brandy: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Look, so Brandy we just saw your picture six weeks ago and I got to say, holy crap! Like I really – I honestly was like looking at – going through all the videos and I’m like where is she, where is she? I almost like went right through it because that doesn’t even look like you.

Brandy: Totally different. I know. I’m so excited.

Sam: OK. So, you want to – I mean you look absolutely amazing like amazing.

Brandy: Thank you.

Sam: So, let’s weigh you in.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: And see. What did you start?

Brandy: I started at 187.5.

Sam: 187.5, that’s what you started six weeks ago.

Brandy: Six weeks ago, 187.5.

Sam: OK. Let’s see what you weigh. But I’m telling you right now, I mean seriously, like I’m like speechless because I saw – because you see somebody every day, you don’t see the little change. I mean I see that you changed but often when I saw a picture, I was like, oh my God! OK? So let’s weigh you in. You’re 187.5 six weeks ago, let’s see what you got today.

Brandy: OK.

Sam: In six weeks.

Brandy: 187.5.

Sam: So, 175 point basically 4. So 12 pounds.

Brandy: 12 pounds.

Sam: 12 pounds in six weeks.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: Now, how are your clothes fitting?

Brandy: My clothes have – my skinny clothes are starting to fit me. I’m – everything fits so much better. I feel better about myself. I’m stronger. When I started six weeks ago, I couldn’t even do girl push-ups and now in boot camp, I’m doing boy push-ups. I love it. My clothes are fitting better. I’m thinner. My face is thinner. I love it.

Sam: You look fantastic. Now, is everybody noticing?

Brandy: Everybody is noticing.

Sam: That’s what I’m talking about. That’s when you know – that’s when it gets fun. Everybody is like [0:02:04] [indiscernible].

Brandy: Absolutely.

Sam: Well, we love to have you and congratulations. Looking forward to getting more.

Brandy: Absolutely.

Sam: Bye-bye.
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