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February 26, 2010

What Are the Required Skills of a Nutritionist?

What Are the Required Skills of a Nutritionist?


by   Amanda Clary

Nutritionists provide valuable services for groups of people and
individuals who need to meet their nutritional goals. As a nutritionist,
you can also work in large health care facilities like hospitals and
nursing homes. You an also find jobs as a nutritionist in schools and
other institutions that need effective nutritional management.

The Needed Skills of a Professional Nutritionist

1. Deep Knowledge of Nutritional Science

First, a nutritionist should have a deeper grasp of nutrition science. So
it is generally expected of you to have exceptional knowledge on human
physiology and its relationship to nutrition. Having basic knowledge on
pharmacology, public health, and epidemiology is also ideal.


In order to get a grasp on these subjects, most state authorities will
require you to finish 4-year undergraduate studies on dietetics and
nutrition. In areas where there are strict standards for nutritionists,
you need to take special trainings and certifications in order to practice
your profession.

2. Exemplary Interpersonal Skills

To become a successful nutritionist, you need to have superior
interpersonal relationship skills. People skills are important so you can
effectively communicate with your clients to convince them to follow your
programs. You have to understand that the food habits of people are very
difficult to change.


If you want them to improve their health, you need to have superior
convincing power and sensitivity to change their food habits.
Nutritionists without exemplary people skills will experience difficulties
in implementing their nutrition and food programs.

3. Excellent Problem Solving Capabilities

Lastly, a nutritionist should have excellent problem solving skills. You
have to understand that the health problems of people are mainly caused by
improper nutrition. However, different people have different nutritional

So you need to solve their problems and guide them towards the right
nutritional direction. Before you can provide good solid advice on
people, it is necessary to know their problems first and find the right
nutritional solutions that will help them to become healthier.


As a nutritionist, your clients have big expectations from you. You need
to understand their nutritional problems and find the right solutions for
them. You must also convince them to follow your recommended nutritional
and dietary programs.

If you possess the right skills of a nutritionist, then you can ensure
that your practice will flourish. You will be able to help numerous
clients and institutions and you can become a trusted professional in the
field of nutrition science.

About the Author


Amanda Clary writes a non commercial blog focused on her experience on
helping her family and friends to eat healthy. She is a “Nutritionist for
Hobby” and writes on the
blog to help people learn how to get
certified and learn all the aspects related to this job (Skills,
requisites, everyday problems, upgrading, etc…).

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