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Muscular Imbalances And Back Pain

June 11, 2012

Muscular Imbalances And Back Pain

Most people with back pain, hip pain and knee pain have no idea that the real cause is the game of “tug-of-war” raging inside their bodies.

Because of the way most of us live and move throughout our days, we create what you might call “imbalances” in our muscles. In other words, we start to use certain muscles more than others.
Eventually, your “strong” muscles start tugging on your “weak” muscles and unevenly pulling on your joints, ligaments and tissues.
This “tug-of-war” creates little injuries throughout the affected area. If nothing is done to resolve the imbalance, those small injuries become big injuries that most of us are familiar with, e.g. herniated discs or sciatica… and that’s when the real pain begins.

One day, you bend down to pick up something you dropped on the floor and WHAM!, you throw your back out.
Most people would say, “I threw my back out because I bent down in a weird way.”
But you don’t “throw your back out” because you bend down to pick something up off the floor. You throw your back out because the imbalance in your body gets so bad that the simple act of bending over creates a huge amount of pain.

Go to a doctor and tell them about your back pain, knee pain or hip pain, and you’ll probably just get a prescription for medication. Or even worse, they’ll start talking about surgery.
By now, hopefully it’s clear that the only answer mainstream medicine has for back pain is to deal with the symptoms. They don’t even mention (probably because they don’t know) anything about the real cause!
So congratulations. At this point, you probably know more about the real cause of most joint pain than your doctor. And you discovered it without spending years and years in medical school.
But just because you know the cause doesn’t mean that the solution is obvious. It certainly wasn’t obvious to me.
In fact, despite my years of effort, I simply couldn’t find lasting back- and hip- pain relief anywhere.

That is why I created a video to explain a little more about how this tug-of-war happens and what you can do to prevent it along with 4 simple and easy movements that can help your back, hip and knee pain instantly.




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