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Michael Evans

June 22, 2010



We have a very Special Gym member, his name is Michael Evans.  He was one of our 1st TBT Challenge contestants and had great results losing almost 15lbs in 6 weeks.  Since  the contest he has continued to be an inspiration to his family by maintaining his weight along with great new eating habits. He  encouraged his mom and younger brother Brian to also participate in our 6 week TBT Challenge.


Michael Evans father, Russel Evans is Area Director of Pomona Valley Special Olympics and has put together “Team Pomona” under the leadership of Dave Sevesind from the Pomona Swat squad to compete in this years Plane Pull.


So in thinking of the team composition he thought some of our clients  may want to be part of the team and show there strength being part of “Team Pomona” and taking the challenge.


So if there is anyone interested in having fun and at the same time raising money for a great cause, the Special Olympics. sign up below and also let me know!

I will have  posters for display in the gym.

If there are any questions please contact Russel Evans  Special Olympics Area director  @ (909) 319 7693


Team Pomona is looking for 25 strong volunteers to support Special Olympics, have fun and be part of a team to try and pull a FedEx Airbus 310 airplane at the Long Beach Airport. We need to pull the plane 25 feet. So if you are want to feel challenged and support Special Olympics go to the website and sign up under Team Pomona.

Each participant has to raise a minimum of $50.00.

This could be donations from friends etc.

You can enter by going to the website at & sign up under Team Pomona.

Test your strength and endurance by playing tug-of-war with an aircraft.


On August 21, teams of 25 will pull a FedEx Airbus 310 airplane two pulls at 12 feet each on the tarmac of Long Beach Airport to benefit local Special Olympics athletes.

Law Enforcement agencies, Fire Departments, as well as power lifters, private companies, colleges and the local community are all welcome to compete.

The winners will receive valuable prizes and a year’s worth of official bragging rights!

Again Our Special Member’s Father’s Info below!~

Russell Evans

Area Director

Pomona Valley Special Olympics

909 319 7693

Special Olympics (

Special Olympics Mailing List

Special Olympics BE A FAN

Shop Online Buying the Normal Stuff you regulary buy & Benefit Special Olympics!! Click Here for Details!

Sign up here!!

Remember our team is Team Pomona…
Thank you for being part of our lives!! We appreciate you all!!

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June 20, 2010

Michael Evans Does The Torch Run


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Michael's Torch

Michael Evans’s & his family are members of our gym.

They are getting great results & we enjoy supporting them in every way we can!
Michael & his family are very active & involved with the Special Olympics.

In the Slide show above you see Michael with friends and family participating in the Law Enforcement Torch Run benefitting the Southern California Special Olympics!

Michael was a participant in our 1st (TBT) Total Body Transformation Contest.




His trainer is Randy Samuel.

Randy has a gift & passion working with special needs adults & children and is greatly recieved by all his clients & fellow trainers.

Check out Michael’s awesome results below & feel free to leave a comment!

Michael’s parents are very involved in Special Olympics.

Posted below are links that Mr. Evans shares on his coorespondence with me & I would like to share those links with you too.



Special Olympics  (

Special Olympics Mailing List

Special Olympics BE A FAN

Shop Online Buying the Normal Stuff you regulary buy & Benefit Special Olympics!!  Click Here for Details!

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February 15, 2010

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Hello there one of my most special clients and his dad recently wrote me a letter that I would like to share with you.

I have added links and photos to his letter with his permission,  but that is about it.

Check it out and support our community…………as it encompasses so many variety of people with various intellectual challenges.


I am Area Director of Pomona Valley Special Olympics which covers the cities of Diamond Bar, San Dimas, Walnut, Pomona, Claremont, Glendora and La Verne.
We provide free year round sports activities for our athletes with intellectual disabilities.


Michael is a Pomona Valley athlete and has been training at Fitness Concepts since your first 6 week class in November last year.


The transformation is incredible.

He has gone from 187 to 158 lbs and we thank you, Randy and all those trainers and clients who have been very supportive of Michael for this great improvement.


Special Olympics is holding a Polar Plunge at Bonelli Regional Park on February 27th to raise funds for our 2010 program.

Funds can be raised in several ways.
Donate direct to a plunger already registered. (Michael Evans)
Register as a plunger and collect donations
General donation
Form a team and collect donations from team supporters and friends.

This is a fun event.   Check it out!

There you can see photos from past “Plunges” and information about the event and Donate section on the left hand side.

Connect to “support a plunger” and type Michael Evans in the box.


Michael has received good support to date.

To see the improvements in athletes when they are coached, given positive support and encouragement is very rewarding
To see their faces when they compete and place is very rewarding to me and my coaches.
Just like watching the progress with the clients in your exercise programs as they achieve their goals.


It too must be very rewarding to you and your staff.

So any support you, your trainers and clients can provide to the Polar Plunge will enable us to continue our program and provide physical activities and programs for those athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Thank you very much for your guidance and support of Michael in his exercise program.

We are very proud of what he has achieved.

Thank you
Russell Evans

Russell Evans

Area Director

Pomona Valley Special Olympics

909 319 7693
Join us Saturday, February 27, 2010 at Bonelli Park for our annual Polar Plunge.
For more information, visit

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